Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Restaurant Discovery: Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining

I still remember the days (or months) I stayed in Korea. I had a hard time eating as most of the really good dishes there are spicy. I was stuck with bulgogi, bibimbap and samgyeopsal. But after a while, I grew fond of the other mildly spicy dishes.

It is undeniable that the Korean community in Manila is growing. With the increase in the number of Korean restaurants and supermarkets, you’d somehow feel the Seoul vibe. And what I love about the restaurants here is that more often than not, you get close to authentic if not authentic food.
Hello, Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining!

I was a bit iffy to dine at Yoree as the B&B Italia principal I was with sure know his Korean food given that he is married to a lovely Korean lady. But R, another principal we were with, wanted to dine here as she loved the drinks.

What I like about Yoree is that it has set meals that are good for sharing. And since we were not exactly that hungry, we decided to go for Dwaeji Soot Bulgogi Set (PHP498 per person, minimum of two orders). The set includes usual Korean side dishes, Juk (rice porridge), Gyeranjjim (steamed egg on hot stone), Japchae, Kimchi Jjigae, Sikhye (Korean traditional rice punch), rice and Dwaeji Soot Bulgogi.
First served were the side dishes and juk.
The juk was delightful as it had a light taste and served as a great meal starter. The side dishes were your usual Korean side dishes.
The gyeranjjim was fluffy and had a lovely light taste which complements the other dishes.

I enjoyed the japchae. It wasn’t that oily and the flavors of the sautéed beef and vegetables on the potato noodles made this dish quite addicting.
I skipped the kimchi jjigae as it was spicy and went straight to the bulgogi.
The bulgogi was sweet and tender. I loved it so much that I almost finished my bowl of rice. I loved it a lot with the gyeranjjim.   

Overall, it was a great lunch. It  exactly affordable but the bulgogi and japchae made it worth the price.

Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining is located at Forum South Global corner Federacion Drive and 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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