Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Peanut Lover's Dream: Fix & Fogg

Moving out has been one of the boldest moves I've done my whole life. Though it's something expected when you've reached a certain age, my decision to go solo was more of because of work and not because I felt it was time to spread my wings. And it was tough at first. From being used to having everything ready for me, I had to do things on my own and that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. And as a person not fond of eating out that often, I learned to cook and love making a mess in the kitchen. But on lazy days, I'd often find myself grabbing a slice of bread and spread. And my go to spread? Peanut butter

Hello, Fix & Fogg.
Fix & Fogg is an artisanal brand from New Zealand. Known for pushing the envelope when it comes to peanut butter flavors, it became a popular choice for peanut butter lovers and adventurous foodies alike. 
The brand is the brainchild of a passionate couple, Roman and Andrea, who left the corporate world in order to create something more meaningful and sustainable. They came up with the idea of selling butters at Wellington where they take charge of production from start to finish--a strong unique selling proposition in the vast sea of mass produced spreads.
Fix & Fogg also contributes to New Zealand's community by supporting multiple charities. It has also been noted as one of the brands that contribute to the betterment of the environment by encouraging patrons to return used (clean) jars.
And at a short span of time, Fix & Fogg has won multiple awards in both New Zealand and Australia. And these delectable handmade peanut butters are now available in Manila.
I was lucky to get hold of four of its peanut butter namely Dark Chocolate, Smoke & Fire, Super Crunchy and Honey. Each bottle ranges from PHP380-PHP430 depending on the flavor and retail store.
I was so excited to try Dark Chocolate as it uses my all time favorite Whittakers! And it was the first jar that I popped open.
It is rich and velvety smooth with delectable crunch from the peanut bits. A tad oilier than local counterparts, this spread is absolutely heavenly. 
Its deep dark flavor tickled my taste buds with glee. I love it with my toast, banana or both. 
Honey is another favorite of mine. Its sweet taste from honey would make this an instant hit with kids. Healthier as it uses natural sweetener, I didn't feel guilty at all from finishing two toasts smothered with this goodness.
Super Crunchy is quite similar to Honey, only its peanut taste is more pronounced. Chunkier, this is an excellent choice for those who want more bite from their sandwich. 
I tried Smoke & Fire with my toast too but it turned out to be a bad idea. 
I already know that this isn't meant to be a spread (though you could if you prefer heat) but more to complement grilled meats or add spice to pasta dishes. It sure is hot with the chili bits! But I heard that it's divine with burgers. I'll try that when I get hold of some burger patties. 
I've become a fan of this handmade peanut butter brand. You could tell that each jar is made with care and I can't get enough of it!
Want to know your favorites? Click here to know where you could get your F&F fix. 

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