Tuesday, December 5, 2017

First Bite: Mamma Mia

I hardly visit the mall these days but I think I just found a reason to go to Uptown Bonifacio on a weekly basis. No, it is not because of Christmas shopping or that I have to watch the latest movies. It's because of an Italian restaurant that wowed me with its heavenly pizzas

Hello, Mamma Mia
Welcomed by warm and inviting interiors, I felt at home as soon as I stepped in. I got charmed by beautiful combination of bricks, marbles and yellow accents. 

Born from the concept of creating a place filled with motherly warmth and hospitality, Mamma Mia envisions itself to be a destination of choice for foodies, families especially, who are on the lookout for more than good food and drinks. This new Italian restaurant wishes to share how Italians enjoy food, by taking their time in savoring each bite.  
We started off with something light and had a plate of Caprese (PHP450). I enjoyed the sliced tomatoes topped with mozzarella di buffala, basil and olive oil. It was perfect as appetizer. But those who prefer richer tastes might not like it as much. 
I was thrilled to see Melon and Pumpkin wrapped with Prosciutto al Forno (PHP425) in Mamma Mia's menu. And I was pleasantly surprised to see the generous serving of this dish. Curious with what prosciutto would taste like with pumpkin, I took a mouthful as soon as the plate was placed on the table. 
I wasn't too crazy with the combination as the pumpkin was not sweet enough to create that nice contrast with the prosciutto. I still prefer melon but it would have been better if the melon slices were more crisp and cold. 
The Italian Bacon & Meatballs Bomb (PHP375) topped with ricotta cream cheese was a tad dry so make sure to dip it in the slightly spicy marinara sauce it is served with. Best to slice it in half before dipping it in for that extra tangy flavor.
For mains, we had Spaghetti alla Carbonara (PHP365 | PHP1,350), Mortadella e Pistacchio (PHP595) and Crema di Tartufo with proscuitto crudo (PHP585). 
Mortadella e Pistachio was served first. The cheese-based pizza topped with mortadella and drizzled with pistachio cream and crushed pistachio was pretty good. I've never had pistachio on my pizza and I would have thought of it as a nutty idea. 
But it wasn't. It was pretty good. The Italian sausage was well complemented by the pistachio which added a bit of creamy taste. The best part though was the crust. Made with the idea of having its diners eat every bit of pizza, including the crust, Mamma Mia had the brilliant idea of stuffing it with what most of us love... cheese!
But my favorite was the Crema di Tartufo. In fact, it was the best pizza I've had this year. Oozing with truffle cream sauce, each bite was nothing short of scrumptious. And if that was not enough, this piece of heaven was topped with egg, mozzarella cheese and prosciutto crudo. As a person who love truffle and prosciutto, I went straight to cloud nine after one bite. 
Last served was Spaghetti alla Carbonara and we were surprised with its huge serving. The classic bacon and egg spaghetti was made better with pancetta, black pepper and parmesan cheese. Make sure to eat this while it's warm as the cheese tends to harden. 
We paired our meal with Chardonnay (PHP300/glass), Lychee Shake (PHP140), Strawberry Shake (PHP140). My favorite would be the white wine as it went superbly well with the tapas and pizza.
For dessert, we tried some of Mamma Mia's gelato. I tried Cafe Latte while R went with Vanilla Bean. Though both were good, none stood out for me to crave for another serving. 
I had a great time that I didn't notice I've spent over three hours in Mamma Mia. Good food, great company, warm ambiance, I truly felt at home at Mamma Mia and I can't wait to be back. And very soon at that as they are offering 30% off as opening promo until December 22, 2017!

Mamma Mia is located at Ground Floor, Uptown Bonifacio, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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