Monday, November 13, 2017

The New Flatiron

Flatiron is no new name to me as I've visited the home of the famous 6-hour brisket a few times already. But it seems that I haven't dropped by for a long time as I didn't even notice the change in Flatiron's look. More than its interiors and new logo though, it also revamped its menu and added new mouthwatering dishes.

Hello, Flatiron.
I was greeted by a place with familiar look but different hues and a more vibrant vibe. As I moved closer to the private dining area, I spotted M who, as always, greet me with much warmth. 

After a brief introduction on Flatiron's new look and menu, we were free to try whatever we want and without further typing of unnecessary words, I sampled Bravo Potato Skins (PHP260), Garlic Mushroom Salad (PHP320), Seafood Angel Hair (PHP370), Mac n Cheese (PHP440, for sharing), Pesto Pizza (PHP395), Four-Cheese Pizza (PHP395), 6-Hour Beef Brisket (now available in solo portion for PHP585), Beef in Garlic Olive Oil (PHP395), Pressed Pork Belly (PHP595), Fish Kebab (PHP650) and Chicken Fingers (PHP300). For desserts, we went with Peanut Butter Delice (PHP250), Rose Noire (PHP250) and Gingersnap Cheesecake (PHP260). 
I also tried the refreshing Cucumber Kiwi (PHP250, for sharing) for my drink. 
The Bravo Potato Skins is a new addition to Flatiron's appetizers and I loved it! The crisp potato skins were topped with juicy and flavorful pulled beef brisket, cheese, sour cream, bacon bit and spring onions. An order of this could easily make one person full so make sure that you share this with someone if you plan to try something else. 
Seafood Angel Hair was lovely too. The shrimp, clams and squid were all fresh and the blend of white wine, onions, garlic and spring onions complemented the seafood beautifully. The lightness of the pasta was also excellent allowing the diner to have more space for Flatiron's other mouthwatering offerings. 
One of my favorites in this visit was Mac n Cheese. R usually discourages me from ordering Mac n Cheese but I simply cannot resist myself from getting one whenever I see it being offered. And I was so happy that I gave in this time. Flatiron's version was delectable! I loved that it was cheesy yet not cloying. Also, its sharing portion is great for 3 to 4 persons. 
I actually forgot that Flatiron serves pizzas and I'm glad that J ordered Four Cheese Pizza. This is a 2.0 version of Flatiron's Three-Cheese Pizza which they are still offering. The only difference between the two is that the newer version has bleu cheese. I guess that explains why they didn't remove the first cheese pizza. Not everyone is thrilled at the taste and smell of bleu. 
Since I'm a pesto lover, I tried Pesto Pizza too. And I liked it more than the cheese pizza. It had a more complex taste which made it more interesting for me. I also liked that it was topped with spinach which made me think that I was eating something healthy-ish.
I've tried its 6-hour beef brisket before and I wasn't so thrilled with how salty it was. And I was curious if it improved since the last time I tried and... it did! It was not as salty anymore and it was still the succulent kind of beef that everyone fell in love with. And its solo serving sure was generous for a dish good for one. 
The Beef in Garlic Olive Oil is just a longer name for salpicao but it took the express way to my heart after one bite. It was tender and oh so garlicky! It was cooked how I love my salpicao. I think this is best enjoyed with garlic rice. 
G ordered the Pressed Pork Belly and it was so good! The baked then gr‎illed pork belly basted with buffalo sauce was an absolute winner! It had that lovely and addicting salty yet sweet taste that I like. 
Though paired with mashed potato, this would also go well with rice. (Sorry, rice lover here.)
The Fish Kebab was a crowd favorite. The juicy sea beam chunks were heavenly and were lipsmackingly complemented by the greens in the skewer and vegetable fried rice. Though it comes with a hefty price of PHP650, I wouldn't mind spoiling myself from time to time with a good seafood dish. 
Second to the last savory dish I tried was Chicken Fingers. The lightly battered chicken strips had a slight tangy taste that I enjoyed. The spaghetti it went with was very straightforward and this whole dish would be something I'd recommend to safe eaters. 
Surprisingly, last dish served was our salad. The mixed greens with button mushrooms sauteed in garlic and rosemary was not the usual salad I'd go for. It was rather oily and I was done after two bites. Or maybe I was already full when it was served. 

But even with my tummy trying to burst out of my pants, I will always have room for desserts. 

Flatiron's desserts are rather on the pricey side but these sweet treats are worth every penny.
If you're a fan of Reese's, you'd enjoy Peanut Butter Delice as it has a similar taste profile.
I wasn't very crazy with the Gingersnap Cheesecake as it had a strong taste of ginger and lemon. And I was not too keen with the combination. 
But Rose Noire was something else! It was utopia. It reminded me of Ferrero Rocher with its nutty flavor. I would definitely go back for three more of this for myself! 
Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. I loved most of the food and service, as always, was good. I would swing by again and grab more of that Pressed Pork Belly, Pesto Pizza, Mac n Cheese and Rose Noire. 

Flatiron is located at Ground Floor, Uptown Bonifacio, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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