Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Bite: Soru Izakaya

There's a new Japanese restaurant in Maginhawa that's making a lot of buzz since it opened last month with its beautiful plating and Instagram-worthy spread. I was a bit iffy to try it myself as I've been to several restaurants that focused more on design than taste. But curiosity hit me bad and soon I found myself in front of Soru Izakaya one Saturday afternoon. 

Hello, Soru Izakaya
We were welcomed by dark and warm interiors as well as Japanese inspired murals and wall designs. There were not a lot of diners too at 4:30 p.m. but the place was quite warm as not all A/C units were on. 
We decided to go with Spicy Maguro Salad (PHP290), Oh Umi Maki (PHP390), Shake Belly Aburi (PHP220), Kuro Dragon Maki (PHP480), Aburi Moriawase + Sake Carafe (PHP480), Bacon Enoki (PHP65), Saikoro Wagyu Cubes (PHP135) and Shiitake Mushrooms (PHP50).  
First served was the platter of aburi--shake, maguro, saba, horse mackarel and tako. 
Since there were four of us, I was only able to taste the maguro (tuna) and it was pretty good. It was a bit spicy from the wasabi but it enhanced the taste of the aburi. Though the platter seems a bit pricey, the free sake carafe made it a good deal. 
Next served was the plate of Kuro Dragon Maki. I have to admit, we ordered this because I was hoping I'd get to take a photo of Soru's beautiful plating and artistic way of serving Japanese mayo. Unfortunately, instead of a dragon design, I got abstract wiggly lines. Though I was disappointed with the presentation, the maki's taste didn't. It was pretty good. The unagi was fresh and I loved how the cream cheese, ebiko and teriyaki sauce added flavor without overwhelming or masking the beautiful seafood's taste. 
Spicy Maguro Salad was served soon after and it was not the type I was looking forward to. 
The tuna bits were not as fresh as the one in the aburi platter. 
The dish was also very dependent on the spicy Japanese mayo as the parts that didn't get much of the dressing were on the bland side. 
The salmon belly aburi was great. Served warm and topped with teriyaki sauce, truffle mayo and ikura, a bite would bring you straight to salmon heaven. 
I just found the price a bit too steep as other well-loved Japanese restaurants offer this for less than a hundred a piece. I guess truffle mayo costs an additional thirty bucks. 
It was love at first bite with the Oh Umi Maki. The plate of shrimp tempura and salmon cubes topped with salmon and tempura flakes and sweet teriyaki sauce and fragrant truffle mayo made my taste buds go crazy. Though purists would say that there are too many things going on and masks the delicate taste of salmon and shrimp, this plate of goodness is absolutely delectable! I might be a bit biased though as I love salmon
The yakitoris were great as well. Each one was drizzled with a sweet sauce. 
My favorite was the wagyu stick. It had a nice bite to it and was seasoned well.
Overall, it was a good meal but pricey for an establishment in Maginhawa. Service though needs a bit of improvement as the servers were not so attentive during our visit. 

Soru Izakaya is located at Ground Floor, 140 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

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