Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Life Hack 101: No More Thawing with Panasonic’s Prime Fresh

Gone are the days when I can't wait to head out and search for new places to visit and interesting food to indulge in. These days, I like staying in a lot. I get to avoid the insane traffic and get to spend time experimenting in the kitchen. However, when the lazy bug bites, I find myself eating the usual hotdog and bacon. There's one thing I hate though... thawing. 

I hate how my freezer turns my meats into popsicles! 
There are times when I have to remove my bacon or pork chop from the freezer at least two hours before dinner just to be able to thaw it properly. Though I could just pop it too in the oven, I prefer doing it the "natural" way. Thankfully, there's Panasonic to make cooking a lot easier (and quicker) for me. Its latest models are now equip with Prime Fresh. 
With Panasonic's Prime Fresh feature, I get to have my meats ready for cooking anytime. 
I never have to wait several hours for my meat to thaw for easier cutting and cooking. And because it freezes food at approximately -3 degrees Celsius, an ideal temperature to keep food lightly frozen, my meats remain fresh and do not lose its flavor or nutrients.
Now, I am even more motivated to stay in and keep creating delectable mess in the kitchen! And maybe I should swing by a deli store soon for a steak night.
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