Monday, June 26, 2017

First Bite: Just Thai

It's hard not to fall in love with Thai cuisine. With dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Kha Gai, Pad Krapow Moo Saap, Gaeng Keow Wan Kai and refreshing Thai Milk Tea, it is a tough battle not to like this Asian cuisine. And so, when the lovely gals of The Foodie Station invited me to savor some of Just Thai's dishes, I quickly said yes and cleared my schedule for a fanTHAIstic day. (Okay, that was a lame pun but it was really fantastic and let me tell you why.) 
Hello, Just Thai.

I can't believe that I've never noticed this restaurant in Forbes Town before. I've actually passed by it several times whenever I walk around Burgos Circle. I'm not sure if I'm too oblivious of my surroundings or if it's because of the fact that its signage is far from eye level. But I'm just glad to be finally acquainted with Just Thai.
I was warmly welcomed by the restaurant manager who asked me if I'd like some Thai Milk Tea while waiting for the dishes. I must say, I was impressed by Just Thai in less than three minutes.
First served to us was Poh Piah Tod (PHP270), one of the classic Thai dishes. I was so hungry when I arrived that I was drooling while taking photos of this appetizer. 
And despite it not looking so mouthwatering, each bite tickled my taste buds with glee. Just make sure you dip it in the sweet and spicy sauce for that extra flavor.
Moo Grob (PHP290) or crunchy pork belly was pretty good as well though a bit dry for my liking. 
But if you're the type who like lechon kawali, then this dish is for you.
We also feasted on some of Just Thai's noodle bowls namely Tom Kha Gai (PHP200), Kuai Tiao Neua (PHP290) and Shrimp Paste Surprise (PHP220).
Among the three, I liked Tom Kha Gai the most as it had a nice sweet and delicate flavor. Its light taste would make me want to finish the whole bowl. And the chicken chunks were simply delightful to munch on.
The Kuai Tiao Neua came in as a close second. Its rich sweet taste was addicting though I think finishing a bowl on your own would be a bit too overwhelming. In fact, it was so tasty that it made me crave for rice despite it being a beef noodle soup.
The Shrimp Paste Surprise was good too though I was expecting to be a bit more surprised by it. The shrimp paste or bagoong was not very defined which disappointed me. Then again, it must be to avoid the dish from being cloying. 
I also liked the Sizzling Tofu & Mushrooms (PHP260) which is perfect for vegetarians.
For mains, we had Pla Rad Prik (PHP400) and Pad Gaprow Talay (PHP300) paired with Khao Krok Kapi (PHP270) and Khao Pad Phed Neua (PHP300).
The Pla Rad Prik was awesome! I loved that the tilapia skin was crunchy yet the inside was soft and juicy. It was definitely deep fried to perfection. It was also flavorful enough that you don't have to dip it in any of the sauces. But if you like richer taste, do try putting some tamarind sauce on your portion.
The Pad Gaprow Talay or mixed seafood in basil was one creamy dish but quite forgettable. I guess I was just too focused on the noodle bowls that this one failed to impress me.
I remember someone gushed over the Khao Pad Phed Neua or spicy beef fried rice. And she has all the reasons to be excited with this dish as it was scrumptious! A bowl of this is a meal on its own!
I prefer Khao Krok Kapi or bagoong rice though as it had more contrast of flavors and textures.
And what's a trip to a Thai restaurant without Pad Thai? Just Thai's Pad Thai (PHP290) was absolutely delicious! I loved its slight sweet and tangy taste and the crunch from the crushed peanuts and bean sprouts. This is definitely a must order dish!
To cap our meal, we tried Khao Niao Ma Muang (PHP260) and Tha Kho (PHP140).
Khao Niao Ma Muang is my favorite Thai dessert and Just Thai's version was great! Though the mango was not very sweet, it went very well with the sweet sticky rice.
Tha Kho was good too. Quite similar to our local maja blanca, this one is a bit gooey and tends to be messy to eat.

Overall, it was a pleasant lunch. The place just tends to be a bit too warm during lunch and when it gets packed. But with a spread just like what we feasted on, I'd definitely be back for more!

Just Thai is located at Bellagio 2, Forbes Town Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. 

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