Friday, June 23, 2017

First Bite: Buns & Bros

Burgers never fail to attract me like fly to light. And when its patty is beautifully grilled and succulent, it was like luring Winnie the Pooh to honey. Hence, despite being full from my late lunch, I still found room for some serious burgers from this new food park in City Golf.

Hello, Buns & Bros!
I first saw Buns & Bros to-die-for burgers from The Bald Baker's Instagram feed. It was love at first sight but I had my reservations too as it looked too beautiful to be tasty too. Then again, after reading several comments saying that this rather hip establishment offers legit and bang for the buck burgers, I just have to give it a try.

I ordered The Player (PHP255) and The Assassin (PHP215) with Garlic Feta Fries (PHP105) and Onion Rings (PHP85) as sides.

Service was impressively quick as our burgers were served within 10 minutes. But what awed me more were the beautiful burgers. Both were so stunning that you don't even need to edit anything for it to be Instagram worthy.

I first sampled The Player and it was pretty good. The (double) angus beef patties were succulent and each bite was packed with flavor. The B&B secret sauce tasted a bit like barbecue sauce which went very well with the beefy patty and homemade brioche bun. It would have been nicer though if it was a bit cheesier too to delight cheese lovers like me.

The Assassin intimidated me a bit with its B&B wasabi sauce. However, I was delighted that even a foodie with near zero tolerance can enjoy it. Taste-wise, it wasn't far from The Player. It was just a black version with a bit of Asian twist as it comes with shredded nori, homemade roasted black sesame bun and again, the wasabi sauce.

For the sides, both were pretty good though I prefer the garlic feta fries more. But I'm being biased here as I love anything garlicky.

I was a bit overwhelmed by The Player so I'll probably stick with The Heartthrob (PHP185) next time.

Buns & Bros is located at Industrie Food Loft, 2nd Floor, City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas, Pasig City. 

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