Thursday, September 15, 2016

Restaurant Love: Nihonkai Tsukiji

R suddenly message me, “What are you craving for?” around 5 p.m. last Thursday. (No, I am not pregnant in case you’re wondering.) I wasn’t really craving for anything in particular but it has been a while since I last had uni sashimi. So I replied saying I want a gooey piece of heaven. He then told me that his dad wants to eat out and we’ll eat wherever I choose. Woohoo! Thank you, Uncle H!

It has been quite a while since I last went to this Japanese restaurant! It may not be as popular as other restaurants like Tsumura, Seryna or Senju but this place serves great food!

We were all famished and quickly ordered a bunch of Salmon Aburi (PHP95/piece x 16), Uni Sashimi (PHP320), Salmon Sashimi (PHP375), Sukiyaki (PHP450), Spicy Tuna (PHP360) and Ebi-Ten Roll (PHP375). Auntie and Uncle also ordered Agedashi Tofu (PHP170), Salmon Belly (PHP320), Chicken Teriyaki (PHP275), Salmon Head (PHP275), Nihonkai Special Bento (PHP1,050) and ramen bowl which I failed to take note of. 
Service was quick as always and our salmon aburi was served first. 
It was so fresh and the type that melts in your mouth. I loved that it was torched and the warmth of the salmon was so harmonious with the slightly cold Japanese rice. 
The uni sashimi was the best! Its freshness was evident with its lovely sweet taste and smooth texture. It was love at first bite. I wanted to order another bowl but I was afraid I might get an upset tummy. 

The spicy tuna and ebi-ten roll were served next.
The spicy tuna was pretty good. I loved the crunch of the sweet and mildly spicy topping. But I could hardly taste the tuna
The ebi-ten roll was forgettable. It was as bland as rice and it just made me wish that we have ordered the extra uni sashimi instead. 
R and I both loved the sukiyaki. The broth was sweet and salty (but more on the salty side) and the beef slices were tender. There was a generous serving of veggies but they were quite stingy on the mushroom as there was only one in our bowl. It would have been nice too if they added a bit more beef and noodles to offset the saltiness of the broth.
I had a bite of the salmon head and it was good. But I’d rather go for the salmon belly if I want salmon meat. 
Overall, it was a great meal and it was a fun dinner with R’s family. 
Nihonkai Tsukiji is located at Ground Floor, Tuscany, McKinley Hill, Taguig. For inquiries or reservation, contact them at 

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