Monday, February 1, 2016

First Bite: Genki Sushi

Ever since I heard about how fun it is to order food at Genki Sushi, the foodie in me wants to jump, giddily hop, and moonwalk to the popular Japanese restaurant in BGC Stopover. But every time I plan to visit, something happens. *pouts* This is why when R surprised me with a visit and asked me if I want to have dinner at Genki Sushi, I uttered a big YES with a big smile to match. 
Hello, Genki Sushi!!!

I have been waiting to dine here for months! And finally, I could press those buttons and a train or race car will come my way with some delectable Japanese dishes.
Despite being so sore from insanity workout (yes, I just have to say it to make me look less of a glutton), I happily micro hopped to Genki Sushi. Thankfully, the place was not packed and we managed to get a table with ease.
Before going crazy over the high tech way of ordering, the server gave us a short intro on how to order and that we could enjoy unlimited supply of matcha with our meals.
As soon as the server left, R and I began to stare at the menu plastered on the “food tunnel.” We drooled over Salmon Belly (PHP80), Lobster Salad (PHP120), Lobster Salad Roll (PHP150), Unadon (PHP350) and Chirashi Don (PHP420). 
*choo choo*
The train arrived first with Salmon Belly, Lobster Salad and Unadon.
Given the friendly prices for sushi, I was not really expecting great sushi from this place. But I was pleasantly surprised that the salmon sushi was decent. In fact, it was good. The color was nice and it was fresh. Yay! Great deal for PHP80!
The lobster salad which was topped with crunchy flakes and sweet sauce was pretty heavy. I didn't get a hint of lobster though due to its tiny serving per roll. 
Our unadon rice bowl was filling. Though the serving of unagi was a bit small for the price, it was oozing with the delightfully sweet teriyaki sauce that made us finish every last bit of rice. I just hope that there was more of that soft and flavorful unagi.
The lobster salad roll arrived next on a race car  and it had more serving of lobster. With the whole side rolled with nori, it was not as messy to eat compared to the first lobster dish. It also had more lobster flavor to it though still far from the lobster dishes you'd get from real seafood or fancy restaurants. Actually, this dish didn't leave much of an impression more than it being neat to eat. 
Worried that we will be still hungry, we ordered the Chirashi Don bowl while munching on the first dishes. And when it arrived, we were impressed with the serving of ikura (salmon roe) and the variety of other toppings.It was actually good to be shared by two persons as the cuts are in twos (or more for the crab sticks and shrimps). 

Taste-wise, the tunacrab sticks and salmon cuts were not spectacular but good. The raw shrimps were fresh and scrumptious. The slices of egg added a tinge of sweetness to the dish. And the ikura was salty and had a weird after taste. I guess it was too good to have that much ikura with an assortment of seafood for PHP420.
Overall though, it was a great dinner. Most of the dishes we ordered were yummy and value for money. We had an unlimited supply of matcha. And we had fun ordering dishes in an amusing way.
I'll be back, Genki Sushi!
Genki Sushi is located at 2nd Floor, Bonifacio Stopover, Rizal Drive corner 31st Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 


  1. I have seen this once and it was packed with people :)

    Mukhang yummy nga ang salmon! This will definitely liked by the husband.

    Was it difficult to park?

    1. It’s not packed on week nights. (Or we just got lucky.)

      I was really surprised that the dishes were good. Thinking that it’s fast food, I thought that it was at par with Tokyo Tokyo.

      For parking, BGC Stopover has parking on the side of the building. We haven’t tried parking there though as we just Ubered going and walked back home.


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