Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Love at First Bite: Juju Eats

I have to lose weight. Yes, reality slapped me in the face real hard this time. And I am more dedicated now to get fit. I’m actually surprised myself that I’m stricter this time. I guess the fear of continuing this unhealthy lifestyle might lead to a not so good future made me realize how much I have to be more careful. So, I signed up for anti-gravity yoga and started to eat healthy. I also happen to read somewhere that there’s a thing called alkaline diet which helps detoxify the body. I gave it a try and I’m now eating nothing but fruits and vegetables on weekdays. ONLY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! But weekends are my cheat days. Then again, I still strive to eat healthy food while pigging out. And it wasn’t that hard when you’re at Juju Eats.

Hello, Juju Eats!
I have been seeing (or should I say reading?) a lot of positive posts about Juju Eats. I am familiar with the Juju Cleanse which I tried once due to curiosity but I never had the chance to try Juju Eats. I was so delighted when I saw a JUJU EATS COMING SOON signage when I visited Podium. And I finally had a chance to try Juju Eats’ salads last Saturday after yoga.
I was famished! I only had a banana for breakfast and it was already past 1 p.m. when I got to Podium. Luckily, I was next in line.
I decided to go with the ones the staff recommended: Greek Salad (PHP250 regular | PHP165 half/wrap) and Korean Kimchi (PHP295 regular | PHP180 half/wrap). I also got a bottle of Green Bomb and Qcumber Quench.
The Greek Salad, which is a mix of lettuce, feta cheese, black olives, sundried tomatoes, red onions, cucumber and balsamic dressing, was awesome! I love the generous serving of feta cheese. The tangy taste was something I missed so much after a week of greens.
The Korean Kimchi wrap was surprisingly good as well. I’m not fond of kimchi but I enjoyed this one. A combination of Juju Eats’ house mix with Korean bean sprouts, kimchi, marinated tofu, carrots, cucumber, sweet chili vermicelli, shiitake mushrooms and Korean dressing (not really sure what Korean dressing meant), this wrap was very filling. It was quite messy eating this dish though so I decided to just eat the filling and skipped the wheat wrap (which you could get for an additional PHP10).
The Qcumber Quench, a mix of cucumber (duh!), pineapple and mint, sure was refreshing. It tasted great too!
I had the Green Bomb (romaine, celery, cucumber, moringga, pineapple and spinach) tasted so much better than how I remembered it during my first ever juice detox. I’m not so sure if they changed the mix or I have now adjusted to eating healthy food.
My lunch was healthy, filling, and super delicious! I would love to visit the place again soon!
Juju Eats is located at Ground Floor, Podium Mall, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

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  1. Try the Crispy Catfish my cousin loves it too!

    1. They recommended that too but I was not in the mood to have crispy catfish that time. I definitely will though next time. Thanks for the recommendation! :)


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