Thursday, February 26, 2015

Love at First Bite: Burgers & Brewskies

Burgers are love. I still do not get it why restaurants force us to eat burgers with forks and knives but since I do not want to look like a cavewoman amongst my friends, I comply with the social norms (?). Last Saturday, my college friends and I decided to meet up to celebrate the February celebrants’ birthdays. I love it that F and I share the same birth month. I get to share the bill with someone. *Weee!* Anyway, since we were having a hard time deciding where to eat, we opted to visit the new mall at Capitol Commons instead and try Burgers & Brewskies.
Hello, Burgers & Brewskies!
The place was pretty much empty during lunch. Since it was already past 12 when I got there, M, K, L and F already placed their orders. They got the following: Buffalo Wings (PHP220), Call the Nurse (PHP280), Philly (PHP250), Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (PHP230), and Walk of Shame (PHP340). I ordered Kandi (PHP265) and Bacon Chicharon (PHP210). I also got a glass of Cucumber Lemonade and Sweet Potato Fries when I upgraded my burger to a combo (just add PHP80).

The group saved me a wing to try and it had a slightly peppery taste. It was pretty good and flavorful. I totally forgot to try the bleu cheese dip though.
M’s Walk of Shame burger, which comes with spiced mustard aioli, egg-in-a-whole wheat bun, crispy bacon, crisp potato hay (which is very much like PicNic) and B&B Lemonnaise (mayo with lemon?), was a delicious sight! It was like a breakfast burger as it comes with bacon and sunny side up egg!
F’s Philly was the healthiest burger on our table. Beef patty stuffed with sautéed thinly sliced steak and topped with onions and pepper, it was the perfect dish for F. (Not for me though as it doesn’t have bacon.)
Call the Nurse was my favorite! I never imagined that mac n cheese and burger would go well together. I get it that the baked pasta has meat in it but to have it stuffed in a burger?! Brilliant! This burger also has sriracha bacon. Great pick, L!
K’s Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was so delicious as well. The chicken patty was so juicy and flavorful. The cheese sauce went so well with the Rum BBQ sauce. I’ll definitely order that next time along with Call the Nurse!
My Kandi burger, roasted garlic aioli with B&B cheese sauce, onion confit and spiced candied bacon, was delicious too! It was the sweetest burger I have ever tasted. I should have figured that out with its name. The patty was so juicy and meaty! Yum!
I’m not sure if the burgers were too flavorful but the bacon chicharon was too bland even when dipped in vinegar. Or perhaps there was too much batter?
The cucumber lemonade wasn’t bad at all too. Quite a refreshing drink.
It was a fun and filling burpday celebration! I’ll surely visit again!

Burgers & Brewskies is located at Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City.

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