Wednesday, December 6, 2017

First Bite: Flatterie by Todd English

With the success of Pound and Hook comes another mouthwatering concept that started at the foodie haven Todd English Food Hall--Flatterie. This newest addition to the growing brands under Foodee Global Concepts specializes on flatbreads while keeping the signature posh ambiance the Todd English Group. I was expecting for the usual flatbreads but... let's just say my taste buds had a grand time!

Hello, Flatterie
Located on the ground floor of SM Mall of Asia's South Arcade, it would be hard to miss Flatterie as it is situated by the mall's side entrance. 
I was welcomed by familiar interiors and the signature Todd English cups. The open kitchen also offers a delightful view of the chefs' amazing pizza twirling skills. 
For starters, I sampled Flatterie's Spinach and Artichoke Dip (PHP260), Meatballs Skillet (PHP190) and Flatterie Bruschetta (PHP180). 
P kept raving about the Spinach and Artichoke Dip claiming that it's one of her favorites. Her excitement sure made me look forward to indulging in this treat and it did not disappoint. The dip was creamy, cheesy and chunky and went well with the slightly salted flatbread crostini. An order might be too heavy though for one especially if you plan to try other dishes. 
The Meatballs Skillet was good too. Juicy and oozing with tangy Pomodoro sauce, this dish definitely whet my appetite. Try it too with some flatbread to balance the rich taste of this appetizer. 
I also enjoyed the Flatterie Bruschetta which came with mushroom pesto, cream, diced tomatoes, garlic and basil. I liked it best with the mushroom pesto. 
For flatbreads, we sampled Spicy Garlic Shrimp (PHP250, selfie | PHP350, groupie), Carbonara (PHP200, selfie | PHP300, groupie), Roast Beef (PHP270, selfie | PHP370, groupie) and Indulgence (PHP890).

I didn't really pay much attention to the menu when I took a bite of the Spicy Garlic Shrimp so I was surprised with the heat I got from it. Though this is something I wouldn't order as I'm not fond of spicy dishes, I liked how the roasted garlic complemented the shrimps.
Carbonara was your classic pasta turned flatbread. Make sure to eat this while it's hot as the egg yolk tends to solidify when the flatbread turns cold. 
Meat lovers would go crazy with the Roast Beef flatbread. Topped with U.S. Angus Roast Beef with Cilantro and Crispy Onions, one slice of this could give you your daily protein need. The sweet and salty succulent roast beef and the crunchy fried onions was a match made in foodie heaven!
But my favorite hands down would be Indulgence. As a foie gras lover, this dish was love at first bite. The truffled steak gave the flatbread a chunky bite that would make you feel you got your money's worth. 
Topping each slice with a bit of foie gras made it heavenly. 
But if you're not fond of foie gras, I highly suggest Roast Beef
For pasta, we tried Mac and Cheese (PHP250, selfie | PHP350, groupie), Spicy Frutti di Mare (PHP320, selfie | PHP420, groupie) and Vongole (PHP320, selfie | PHP420, groupie).
Mac and Cheese was a crowd favorite during my visit. It was one of the creamiest mac and cheese I've had to date and it was nothing short of yummy. Though I'd recommend to go with selfie, I think I could finish a groupie of this marvelous creation. 

If you prefer something tangy and spicy at the same time, I'd recommend Spicy Fruitti di Mare. But if you have low spice tolerance, skip this and give in to the cheese calling of Mac and Cheese. 
But if you prefer seafood, Flatterie has Vongole. But do not expect bold flavors from this one. Perhaps you could ask for some chili or lemon to add a strong flavor that complements the clams.
To cap the night, we feasted on S'mores Flatbread (PHP270). Though some were a bit iffy to take a bite of what seemed like burnt marshmallow, I took a huge one and giggled like a little girl when she saw her crush. Chocolatey, crunchy and slightly chewy, this was the perfect way to end our meal. 

I would definitely go back for more of Indulgence, Roast Beef, Spinach and Artichoke Dip and S'mores Flatbread. 

And if you are around the area, do drop by and enjoy its PHP100 Flatbreads which Flatterie offers all day from the week of December 6 to 14, 2017! Choose from Classic Margarita, Sausage and Pesto, Carbonara, Clam and Bacon, and Truffle. 

Flatterie is located at Ground Floor, South Arcade, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. 

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