Thursday, May 12, 2016

Restaurant Love: Highlanders Steakhouse

I still remember the first time R and I went to Tagaytay Highlands. It was a perfect weekend getaway and what made it so special was because R planned the whole trip himself. It was our first out of town trip together. And since then, I could no longer count how many times we went to Tagaytay Highlands or Tagaytay itself for a short escapade. And a couple of weekends ago, we went again, this time with his friends.

Hello, Tagaytay Highlands.

We got to the place a bit past noon and R was rushing for us to get to The Highlanders Steakhouse for lunch. And we made it!

R and I ordered our usuals, John Wayne’s Prime Rib (PHP2,998, 20oz.), Sautéed Scallop of Hudson Valley Foie Gras (PHP920) and Cream of Butternut Squash Soup (PHP158). S suggested that we also get Seared Chilean Sea Bass (PHP1,180) and Baby Back Ribs (PHP820). 

While waiting for our orders, we enjoyed the complimentary loaves of bread and butter. L almost finished one whole loaf by herself. I am amazed with this petite girl’s appetite!
My squash soup was served after a few minutes and it was as good as before. It was creamy and slightly sweet and salty. You could definitely taste the delectable taste of pumpkin and the subtle flavor of nuts. It is best with a dash of pepper.
Next served was our favorite foie gras and I still find it the best foie gras around. The generous cuts of foie gras was flavorful and succulent. It went so well with the Hibiscus Tea sauce and caramelized pineapples which balanced off the saltiness of the foie gras. 

The other three dishes soon followed.
The steak, prepared medium, was succulent and very tender. I enjoyed each bite with a dash of seasoning and garlic bits. It went so well with the potato gratin and baked potatoes. 
The ribs were just so-so for me. It had a nice sweet barbecue sauce all over it and the meat was tender. However, it was just your usual baby back ribs that you could get from Morganfield’s or Rack’s. 

The sea bass was a nice break from all the meats. It’s light flavor also helped cleanse the palate.
But if I were to choose between fish and steak, I’d go with steak at a heartbeat! 

See you soon! (And I did the following weekend!)

The Highlanders Steakhouse is located at Tagaytay Highlands, Belleview Drive, Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay City, Cavite. For reservations, call (046) 483-0820.

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