Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Now Open: Locavore BGC

Locavore has been one of the hottest restaurants since 2014. With its crazy wait list and social media buzz, foodies and not-so-foodies flocked to the humble industrial looking restaurant along Brixton, Pasig to taste its delectable (and photogenic) sizzling sinigang and equally delicious but not so photogenic lechon oyster sisig. Two years passed and people still line up just to dine here. And it turned crazier when it opened its newest branch in Forbes Town, BGC. 

Hello, Locavore BGC
I have been planning to visit this place for weeks now. I already had my fair share of its famous sinigang and sisig but I was so curious with its new dishes exclusive to its brunch menu which is only available from 9 am to 2:30 pm daily. 
Since having brunch here is near impossible given that I'm a corporate slave with a one hour lunch break, I figured visiting here on a weekend would be my only option. And since my weekends have been already planned out for the rest of July, I thought that I'll have to delay my duck congee calling for a few more weeks till... today. 

I was supposed to be feasting in Aguirre with some of my favorite foodies but due to transportation challenges, we made last minute changes and ended up in BGC with Locavore as our first stop. 

I hurriedly walked (because Uber was not cooperating and kept on insisting that there should be surge at 10:30 am) to Forbes Town thinking it will be packed with diners by lunch time. I got to the place glowing with sweat with a few tables still vacant. 
I was quickly ushered to the nearest vacant table and I ordered Duck Lugaw (PHP320) and Champorado ni Speedy (PHP280) thinking it'll take them quite a while to prepare it especially since the place was quite busy that time. 
But service was quicker than Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner combined. Okay, I'm exaggerating but it was really remarkably fast. The orders were out in less than 5 minutes! 
Both were served on paella pans and definitely were for sharing, unless you want to be a selfish little pig and hoard every single grain of rice (and tomorrow, the real training will begin... *excerpt from Mulan*). 
We started with the duck lugaw and it sure looked like it was bang for the buck for its size till we realized that there were only two sad looking foie gras pieces on top. 
It was still a delicious dish though with our without the foie gras bits. The chicken floss, ginger oil, fried garlic and spring onions were enough to make the dish flavorful. I also drizzled some calamansi juice and pepper for more taste and I loved it even more. Tangy congee is L-O-V-E! But I'd still rate this a 3.5 out of 5 as we were expecting more foie gras for it to be really called "duck" lugaw.
The Champorado ni Speedy was a hit! It was chocolatey and the fish floss added a tinge of saltiness to tone down the dish's sweetness. The cream cheese mousse and powdered milk made the dish creamier and richer which delighted my tastebuds. It was flavorful enough that you could skip the condensed milk (and to also avoid a few calories). 

I would definitely be back to order more of that heavenly champorado. For now though, I'll try to recreate it at home as I spotted a box of ancient (borderline expired) champorado inside my cupboard. Wish my tummy luck! 

Note: The two dishes were good to fill three bellies. Unless you have three bellies inside your body, these dishes are best to be shared with people you love (or slightly enjoy) to eat with.

Locavore is located at Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. It is beside Tipsy Pig and Frank and Dean.

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