Monday, January 30, 2012

Kapitolyo Food Stop: Mad Mark's

I heard a lot of good reviews about this new sandwich place in Kapitolyo and since Kapitolyo is one of my “target” venues for food trips this year, it gave me the added push to visit it this month. Right after lunch at Ramen Cool, my friend and I drove to Mad Mark’s.
The place had this nautical feel as there were red and white hues all over. It was also small and there was only one parking space in front. 
We were still full from our lunch and our short walk around Pioneer Center didn’t help burn all those calories but we were determined to have at least two stops that day. We decided to order just a half of Mariner (PHP150; PHP220 for man sandwich) to share and a cup of Mandheling Macchiato ice cream for dessert (PHP68 for one scoop; PHP98 for two scoops). 

The Mariner sandwich was a tad spicy. I think it was because of the cream used. The fish fillet sure was tender though. As mentioned, I was still too stuffed so I left the crunchy bread behind (then again, I did the same when I visited Chuck’s Deli). I almost finished my glass of Mad Mark’s house iced tea, PHP45,(which I loved by the way) just to kill the spiciness. 
I was excited for the ice cream as I heard from an acquaintance that Mad Mark’s ice cream was awesome! As a coffee addict, I ordered Mandheling Macchiato. Weeee! Ice cream! No matter how full I am, I will always have time for ice cream. 
I got disappointed though as it was nothing spectacular. I guess I was expecting too much from it. It had a weak coffee taste and it was not very sweet. To put it simply, it tasted like Haagen Daaz ice cream but a bit more diabetic friendly. 
I'd still visit this place though and try the other sandwiches as I'm sure one of those will make me frequent this place. 

Mad Mark's is located at 23 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.


  1. wow the sandwiches look yummy!! layo naman kasi, pasig ahahaha

  2. The trip is worth every penny! I promise. Think Rub Ribs, Milky and Sunny and Poco Deli!

  3. Suggest that you go to the place hungry the next time so you can make a better review. Thanks.

  4. I'll definitely be back in two weeks with an empty stomach so that I could try The Man Sandwich.


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