Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First Bite: Banapple

I've heard of Banapple years ago but since I used to find Katipunan very far (being an Ortigas girl), I never got the chance to visit Banapple (yes, even when they opened another branch in Makati). Luckily, my mom told me that she'll drive me there this weekend. And she kept her promise.
Despite being full from our heavy lunch, we went straight to Banapple before heading back home.

Cute place.

We were greeted by cute tables and decorations. The server gave us menus and told us to order at the counter. All the breads, pies and cakes were also displayed there.
Since we were full, we ordered only a few. We chose Tuna Pie (PHP75), Banoffee cake (PHP95), Wicked Pie slice (PHP105), Trio of Sausages Fettuccine (PH180), and Banapple's Homemade Iced Tea (PHP60).
We originally planned on ordering Chicken Pie but it was not available at that time and they suggested tuna pie instead. Thinking that it's still pie, we gave in. 
For PHP75, serving was pretty generous. My mom took a big bite and offered me some and my eyes grew bigger because... it was quite sweet. I was not expecting it. I was thinking that since this is a savory pie, it's supposed to be quite salty. I guess that was a refreshing take on how pies should taste.
As for my sister's Wicked Pie, it definitely tasted like Reese Chocolates as mentioned by the server. It was oozing with peanut butter taste. It wasn't something I'd love to order a lot though as the taste was a bit too strong for me.(I love peanut butter but I can't consume a lot of it.) Also, it was too creamy; but I'm sure that Reese lovers will rejoice and order this a lot.
I fell in love with my cake though. The Banoffee cake was good. I enjoyed munching on the thick slices of bananas with the cream and crust. I loved that there were different textures as well. It was a bit too sweet though so I had to scrape off some of the cream. 

Finally, my one and only savory dish...
I was informed that their bestseller is Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne (PHP185) but since I was not in the mood for anything cheesy, I opted for their second suggestion, the Trio of Sausage Fettuccine.

The serving was pretty generous again. One order was good for 3 people and I was thrilled till I tried it. The sausages were pretty good and mildly spicy but the pasta was quite hard making it not very enjoyable. I hope that it was a tad softer. 
Overall, I'd still go back for the cakes. I really enjoyed the banoffee cake. I'd also like to try the baked creamy cheesy penne that was highly suggested by the servers.

Banapple is located at 206 Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge, Quezon City.


  1. my fave cakes from banapple are banoffee pie, apple pie, reese's cake and the honeycrunch cake! :D love their pesto penne pasta too. for the savory pie, i prefer cheese & mushroom but i always finish only 1/2 of it. it's too big.

  2. For some reason, I prefer their banana cream pie to their banoffee pie. Also, I love it how their servings are so big! For example, their pie slices are HUGE. I wish there was less whipped cream though. :P

  3. @Mary: Really? I have to try that soon. I don't recall seeing that one last time though. I guess it was because it was already late afternoon when we went there. :|

  4. Only negatron comment I'll have for this branch is more parking please!!!! :p Foodwise - It's really really yummy! ;p


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