Monday, January 23, 2012

Katy Perry Manila Dream Awesome Find!

Yesterday was an interesting day for me as it was my first time to watch a concert. Surprisingly, it was not as loud as I thought. People were also well-behaved. Maybe I had wrong ideas on what happens during concerts.But one thing remained true... the long wait. But because of that, I discovered something awesome!!!

I love to observe. I usually check what's happening left and right [when I'm not doing anything]. The people around me were getting bored and I was getting tired of entertaining myself with thumb wrestling. Then I heard my seatmate say, "it's so clear!". It made me curious that I just had to check out whatever she was holding (discreetly of course). 

*Transformation happening*
Ooooh myyyyy great inventor goodness!!!
Foldable binoculars?! I just had to buy 2!!!
How clear is it you might ask? 
Well, without it, I could only hear Katy Perry but with it, I could see her move and the color of her outfits too!

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