Friday, February 3, 2012

A Healthier 2012: Juju Cleanse

As a food lover, I would have never thought that I would last more than a day not eating anything that requires chewing.

Start the year right. Cleanse. Detox. Get rid of the bad habits. Don’t you just love the first quarter of the year? For hard core junk food lovers [like me], we’re pretty much apathetic.

Yet, being addicted to challenging myself and just about the most random dares, I immediately said “ME!” to a colleague when she asked who’s game to try the Juju Cleanse.
Juju what?

Juju Cleanse, according to its website is a “no fuss, all benefits approach to juice fasting.”  Basically, you will be under detox where the only thing you will eat, rather, drink, will be juice.

There are three levels in Juju Cleanse. There’s Level one which is ideal for newbies in detoxification. Level one includes four fruit juices and two vegetable juices. Level two has three of each and level three has five vegetable juices and one fruit juice. The benefit of having more greens than fruits is that it focuses more on “alkalinizing and enzyme replacement” which helps “swing your body’s PH [level] to a healthier and more balanced alkaline state ASAP (”

I was pretty much sold with the level one since 1) it is best for first-timers; 2) it has more fruits; 3) it’s a picker-upper for a healthier me. (Plus, I’m so scared with how the greens increase as the level gets higher. It gave me the impression that the greens taste… weird.)

We took the barkada package turning PHP2,500 for one day to PHP2,200. I still find it pricey but health is wealth. J You may check the prices here.

Now for my Juju experience.
I totally forgot that I had to tone down my protein intake; and guess what I had for merienda the day before my cleanse? ISAW. As punishment, I decided to skip dinner and drink water, lots of water, instead.

The next morning, I prepared my mint tea (the Juju Cleanse kit includes one small bag of mint leaves for the tea) and started the CLEANSE.

The bottle #1 was the Green Bomb and its taste was definitely… veggie. I had a hard time drinking it and it took me 30 minutes to finish it (and I normally wolf down my breakfast in 10 minutes or less).  The nice thing about this one though is that it helps you “load up with important nutrients and enzymes”.
Bottle #2 was the Spicy Limonada which tastes like lemonade… with a twist! Spiked with cayenne pepper, I had difficulty gulping this one as my tolerance for spicy food is pretty low. Big gulps was the way to go for those like me. I was just thinking of the end results… faster metabolism.
Bottle #3 was the Red Giant which contained beets, pineapples, carrots and ginger. This was probably the bottle I had the most difficulty finishing as the ginger taste was too strong. I was expecting it to be the yummiest as it was, well, red. (Logic failure.) This one though claims to be rich in alkaline elements that aid in cleansing.
Bottle #4, Alkazest, was probably the drink I didn’t find hard to drink. Made with grapefruit, pineapple and coconut, this was surprisingly… bitter. This one promises to replenish one’s electrolytes and boost one’s energy.
Bottle #5 was the Green Bomb again and it was not as bad the second time around. (Perhaps, it was because I have tasted something worse.)
Since it took me so long to finish one bottle, my 7:30am-10:00am-12:30pm-3:00pm-5:30pm-8:00pm schedule got all messed up. I ended up finishing bottle #6 (Salaba’t Lemon) the following day. It was also a bit spicy though cooling at the same time. This one is said to be an excellent expectorant and helps improve one’s circulation and stimulate digestive system.
After 42 hours of not eating anything solid, I’m proud to say, I survived Juju Cleanse!

It has been three days since my cleanse and I still feel lighter and I tend to eat lesser now. I highly suggest this to those who have big events to attend and need to wear those a bit body hugging dresses. :)

Would I do it again? Not in the near future but I am very much willing to try the three-day program next time.

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