Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello, Moshi Moshi!

It all started when I saw a friend posted about going to this new restaurant. The name alone was a big giveaway that the place was a Japanese restaurant. But what really made me go there was because it sells KitKat in various flavors.
Hello, Moshi Moshi! Redundant? Well, not really.
Finally, after almost 2 months of planning, I was able to visit Moshi Moshi, a restaurant owned by my new friend J (who also bought the Shiro Shiro coupons).
The place was really bright and looked very modern. I spotted my friends so I instantly went towards them and asked them how come the servers were not handing any menu. They then told me that the order process is similar to fast food chains where you have to approach the counter and order there, get a number and wait for your meal (the same with Moshi Koshi). 

Since I was a bit hungry, I ordered the following: Chicken Teriyaki Don (PHP135|regular, PHP195|level up), Takoyaki (PHP40|4 pieces, PHP55|6 pieces, PHP90|10 pieces), Gyoza (PHP65|3 pieces, PHP95|6 pieces), Miso Soup (PHP35), Apple Iced Tea (PHP28|regular, PHP43|large) and Moshi Moshi Special Crepe (PHP145).

Service was quick and they managed to serve my miso soup in less than 5 minutes. The rest were served under 10 minutes. They could actually do the promo Pizza Hut did before.  
The miso soup was quite typical and wasn’t something extraordinary though I liked the fact that it was not salty like how other restaurants prepare it.
The gyoza was a tad small but it did not fall short in terms of taste. You could definitely taste the pork and it was well seasoned. The sides of the gyoza were a bit crisp making it even more delightful. I prefer not to dip it in the sauce that much for me to appreciate the filling more.
One of my friends signaled that I should start eating my takoyaki as it is at its best when warm. I believe that I managed to finished my plate of gyoza and bowl of miso soup in 10 minutes and that was the time I was able to move on to my next plate, takoyaki. I was surprised that it was still very hot. It was very soft. I was expecting that it’d be a bit chewy but it wasn’t. Nonetheless, the sweet sauce and the saltiness of the topping (which I assume was aonori) went really well with the takoyaki.
The Chicken Teriyaki Don on the other hand was something kids would like. It was sweet and crisp yet the chicken was still tender and juicy. I was on a no rice diet but this dish made me eat rice. It was that good.
The Moshi Moshi Special Crepe was a typical mango crepe topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup. BUT, upon checking the other side of the crepe, it wasn’t very typical after all. It was served with bits of cheesecake adding more flavors to the well-loved dessert. The mangoes were ripe and very sweet while the cheesecake were the tangy (with a  bit of crunch because of the crust which I just adore). It was one good dessert.

I left the place extremely full without denting my wallet. I’ll definitely visit again and hope that they’ll have more stock of unusual KitKat flavors.

Thanks J for the KitKat!

Moshi Moshi is located at 2nd Floor Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave., Brgy. Loyola Heights, Quezon City.


  1. I think I've seen posts on other blogs about this. :) The Takoyaki looks absolutely delicious! The prices seem reasonable as well... too bad Katipunan is just sooo far away from me, or I'd be there in a jiffy.

    PS The Kitkat looks really cute, hehe. I wonder what the best flavor is?

  2. I love the melon flavored KitKat! :)


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