Friday, January 27, 2012

Kapitolyo Food Stop: Ramen Cool

As part of my 2012 plans, I will be visiting all restaurants in Kapitolyo. I have already tried Nav, Cafe Juanita, St. Geralds, Share Tea, Soho, Three Sisters, Poco Deli, Mad Marks, and Rub Ribs. Just a few more to go. Food trip anyone?

I love checking out new restaurants. I’m sure that I have mentioned this several times already (but the three words “I love salmon” must have been repeated way more). Disclaimer: I will say these again… very soon.


I got so excited when a colleague told me that there’s a new restaurant that recently opened near my place and where I work. (Convenient!) I-just-have-to-try-it!

Hello, Ramen Cool!


It’s not difficult to find this new restaurant as it is situated along the busy intersection where the old Café Juanita used to be plus I could smell the scent of “new food joint”.


The place is quite cute. It has this hip Japanese café feel because of the glass dividers with cute prints on it. The servers were also very quick as they gave us the menu as soon as we arrived and offered us some cold house tea after we ordered.


My friend is not as gluttonous as I am so I was the one who ordered. I decided to go with: Beef Ramen (PHP215), Gyoza (PHP115), Clam Miso Soup (PHP60), Salmon Sashimi (PHP155), and Iced Coffee with Ice Cream (PHP110).  I wanted to try the Kohi Ice (PHP130) as the server described it in a way that it is a must that you drink it but alas, it was not available.


The food was served quickly and first sent to our table was the clam miso soup.


The serving of clams was pretty generous and it was actually good for two people (on a diet). The taste was not as strong as the other miso soup I tried before and it was not salty at all. I actually liked it and it was a good appetizer.


The salmon sashimi cuts were pretty small but hey, for PHP155, it was a steal! It was also fresh and the type that melts in your mouth. Of course, it is not at par with those from super posh restaurants but this will do for salmon lovers on a budget. *Happiness*


The gyoza was your typical gyoza only it was bigger than the ones I’m used to. The meat was juicy and quite tasty and it was served really hot! (By hot I mean “steaming hot”.)

We ordered the beef ramen simply because the server told us that it was one of their bestsellers (and as an official believer of what the servers recommend; I gave in).


The beef ramen though was not as good as I thought. The beef was thinly cut yet it was still a bit tough to eat. The noodles seemed store bought. The broth though was quite good and the serving was very generous. I was actually eying the seafood sukiyaki. Maybe I should have ordered that instead.


As for my iced coffee with ice cream, it was DEEEELIGHTFUL. It was pretty hot that day so this was one cooling treat. It wasn’t very sweet which was good because I find extremely sweet drinks not refreshing at all. It’ll just make me crave for water.

Overall, I’d still go back to try the seafood sukiyaki and order more salmon sashimi. Hopefully, Kohi Ice will be available by then.

Ramen Cool is located at 25 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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  1. the place looks nice! Prices are affordable too. I think we'll like it here :)


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