Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Restaurant Favorite: Trattoria Gourmet's

For some reason, if we’re at home, we always forget to have lunch. It happened again last Sunday as we left for mass at around 4PM already. We felt really hungry when the mass was about to start. *Fasting mode on*

My sister was so excited and slightly grumpy when we settled down at Trattoria Gourmet’s. She quickly ordered her favorite Four Cheese Pizza (PHP305 for 8 slices) while I ordered Mushroom Soup (PHP175) Salmone al Sparkling Wine (PHP425), Spaghetti Mare Monti (PHP295) and Calamansi shake (PHP60) to help digest all the food I’ll be eating.

Usually, Trattoria Gourmet’s serve waiting baskets filled with toasted bread and two dips—liver and pesto but it took them about 15 minutes to serve the basket that Sunday whereas before they used to serve it as soon as people sit down. [Of-all-days-why-today-when-dear-sister-is-cranky was the only thing on my head at that moment.]
First served was my sister’s Four Cheese Pizza (lucky for her!) and I had to take very quick snapshots of it before she decides to smash my camera.
It was cheesy and not as oily as other pizza places cook it. It wasn’t salty as well. It was just right. I just hope that the cheese was the type that would stretch (as it’d make my photos more appetizing). Nonetheless, it made me feel that I was eating a healthier pizza because of the less oil.
My soup arrived next and boy, it was mushroom overload. It wasn’t very creamy but it was undeniably MUSHROOM SOUP. It was quite enjoyable as it warms up the good ol’ tummy and because it wasn’t very creamy, it didn’t make me feel full (which was a good thing as it was supposed to be an appetizer and I ordered two other dishes just for myself).
The Spaghetti Mare Monti was darker than I thought. I was used to pesto of lighter green hues (then again, it might be because of the pasta). My sister took a big slurp and she said that it was bland. Well, pesto was never a very tasty dish. I actually enjoyed it as the taste was not overpowering. However, the seafood which was supposed to make the dish tastier was bland too. The shrimps and clams were a bit too tiny for it to taste. 
As for the Salmone al Sparkling Wine… it tasted like how my mom prepared my salmon. It was steamed and swimming in delectable butter cooked in white wine and olive oil. I was actually hoping that it’d be a bit tangy but didn’t taste it at all. BUT, I still looooove this dish (extreme salmon lover here). I enjoyed eating the garnish as well especially the asparagus and cauliflower. Yum!
I don’t think the calamansi shake helped digest the food because it was sweeter than it was supposed to. Oh well. I’ll just brainwash myself that what I ate was slimming.  
See you again soon Trattoria Gourmet’s!  

Trattoria Gourmet’s is located at 5th Floor, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.


  1. The salmon does look good. Thanks for sharing

  2. Do try it. :) The veggies alone will make you smile!

  3. I've never heard of this place before. I feel like such a loser! Their food looks great though. I don't like four cheese pizzas so much though, so what other pizza can you recommend? :D

  4. Their food looks great and delicious it made me think of trying to it there. The price of the food seems just right.

    Candice Anderson
    Microsoft POS


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