Friday, January 6, 2012

Restaurant Rediscovery: Cibo

It was the 27th of December and we had a scheduled client presentation. I was quite okay with it as I didn’t really have any special plans during the holidays. I didn’t even file any leave (well, I filed for half day on the 29th to meet up with friends and to look for Jenga) as I was trying to save it for February and April. 

Our presentation ended a bit over 12NN and our Group Publisher asked everyone to have lunch at Shangri-la… Plaza not Hotel. (Tsk.)

We were thinking of Cibo, C2, Clawdaddy, and just about all other restaurants with names that start with the letter C (I guess we were hungry then). Majority chose Cibo.
It has been a while since I last ate at Cibo as my sister’s not a fan of the restaurant (and as based on most of my entries, my sister and I go out a lot thus my restaurant picks are limited with what she prefers). I was quite excited. 

Upon checking the menu, I totally forgot which ones I love so I scanned it again like a newbie and shortlisted a few items I wanted to try. But I chose about 5 dishes. I had to cut it into a reasonable number as I was on a “pretentious” diet in preparation of 2012. 

Finally, I chose 3. I ordered the Crema di Zucca Pancetta (PHP185), Lombatine di Maiale (PHP320), and Mango Panna Cotta (PHP155). [Well, I spoiled myself with eating more than one dish per meal when dining out.]
Most of my colleagues decided to share soups but since it was squash soup… you get my point. 
I was a bit disappointed though that it wasn’t as creamy as I wanted it to be but the squash taste was definitely there. It was a bit sweet and salty at the same time and it surely prepared me for my main course.
I apologize for the photos. I just used my camera and it wasn't able to capture how appetizing this dish was.
The Lombatine di Maiale (or simply pork chops with mango marmellata sauce on parsley rice pilaf) was really good. Despite the lack of sauce, the pork itself was succulent and really flavorful. It went well with the rice pilaf. The sweetness of the (stingy serving of) sauce made it even more delicious to the point that I could not stop slicing and eating the pork till all the meat disappear. It was one filling dish and I’d love to order it again soon. 
The Mango Panna Cotta, which a colleague and I shared (see, I’m not that much of a glutton), was really good. Creamy, sweet, the-type-that-melts-in-your-mouth, it was sheer happiness. The server gave us extra teaspoons to share it but we did not share it with anyone (well, we did whisper to the persons beside us if they want to try it). I can’t wait to try the other toppings (the chocolate and chocolate with caramel panna cotta sound promising).

I spent roughly PHP600 for lunch on a weekday but I think that it was definitely worth it. J
Cibo is located at the 2nd floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall.


  1. this entry is so funny! oo nga we started thinking of restaurants starting with the letter C. kulang pa.. CPK! haha

  2. Oh right! And Cafe Provencal and... Cerealicious (?)

  3. The pork chops look good! :) Btw, what's the the letter C? :P Excuse the ignorance, hehe!

  4. Everyone of us have a preferred restaurant to eat wherein we found the food that caught our taste.

    Candice Anderson
    Restaurant POS


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