Thursday, October 20, 2016

First Bite: Vitto's Wine Bar and Restaurant

As mentioned in my post on Sauceria, I am far from being called a wine connoisseur. I’m not exactly fond of wine except when I indulge in a succulent piece of meat. But I do not say no to an invite to a wine place as more often than not, it also serves good food. And such was true with Vitto’s Wine Bar and Restaurant.

Hello, Vitto’s Wine Bar and Restaurant!
This small restaurant is located at the quieter side of Tomas Morato and could be easily missed out by those who are not familiar with the area or hardly check any food app or social media. Thanks to T of Zomato, I finally got to visit this lovely place!
As we wait for the other foodies joining the Tomas Morato Food Crawl, we were given glasses of red Italian wine and white Californian wine. (I loved the white wine more as it was sweeter than red.)
Soon, mouthwatering dishes were served one after another. 
We were able to try Mixed Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter (PHP590), Smoked Fish Spaghettini (PHP280), Shrimp and Garlic Pesto (PHP310), Crispy Bacon (PHP195), Cheese Sticks (PHP220), Potato Croquettes with Blue Cheese Mayo (PHP205), Chicken Ragu (wasn’t able to take note of the price), Shrimp and Garlic Pizza (PHP430) and Cheese Pesto (PHP430). 
I sampled the Smoked Fish Spaghettini first and loved its rich taste. 
It was flavorful yet not cloying and I just loved the combination of smoked fish, tomatoes and garlic!
The Shrimp and Garlic Pesto was good too though the sauce was a bit too thick for my liking and I prefer oil based sauces. 
T was raving about the cheese sticks which are basically breaded mozzarella sticks with salsa sauce. It was good too though I would have loved it if it the cheese taste was a bit stronger to have a nicer contrast with the tomato-based dip.
Bacon lovers would enjoy munching on the crispy bacon as the bacon strips were beautifully cooked to crunchy perfection! However, it lacked a bit of taste. I guess that would have been addressed by the dip if only I put more on my portion. 
The potato croquettes and chicken ragu didn’t make much of an impression to me as I was looking for something heavier or meant for lunch during our visit. 
But I think those would be nice small plates to be paired with wine. 
As for the pizzas... I loved it!
Though there were not a lot of shrimp on my slice of Shrimp and Garlic, each bite was still flavorful. I just loved the combination of garlic and cheese! 
The Cheese Pesto pizza was better though as it was cheesier and the combination of the slight herby and nutty taste of pesto with cheese and tangy tomato slices was heavenly! I would have enjoyed both pizzas more if the crust was a bit crunchier for additional texture. 
Then again, I think Vitto’s intentionally made it soft so that it’ll be easy to slice it with knife and fork. 
Overall, it was a nice first stop. R and I will definitely drop by again to avail of Vitto's unlimited wine promo.  
Vitto’s Wine Bar and Restaurant is located at 114 Scout Lozano Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City. 

Vitto's Wine Bar & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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