Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Food Delivery Favorite: Dip't MNL's Candied Strawberries

This year is full of unexpected twists and turns. We were supposed to attend the Canton Fair in April and go around Korea in May. But we all know what happened these past months. Thankfully, many new businesses were born during these trying times and made us cope with the new normal a bit better. And Dip't MNL eased my disappointment for missing our much-awaited return trip to Korea. 

Hello, Dip't MNL.

Dip't MNL is one of the many new online businesses that opened this 2020. It specializes in candied strawberries, one of the popular street foods in Korea (and even in China and Taiwan).

It currently carries two kinds -- Classic Dip't (PHP510, four pieces) and Vintage Dip't (PHP530, four pieces). You can also order a box with the two variants at PHP650 for six pieces. Sure, it has a premium price. But you'll know it is worth every penny when you get your hands on one of these gorgeous boxes. 

Dip't MNL uses Driscoll's strawberries as it is the only locally available source that could withstand its hard candy recipe. So expect to munch on huge and fresh berries!

I got my box close to lunchtime. It was perfect as I got to enjoy this special treat for dessert.

My heart skipped a beat when the strawberry's shiny hard candy coating met my eyes. It was one mouthwatering sight!

And it didn't just look pretty. It also offered gastronomical satisfaction aside from its eye-catching aesthetics.

Each bite was packed with crunch and met with a snappy and juicy core thanks to the reliable Driscoll's strawberries. Just make sure to have a small plate with you as it could get messy.

I liked Vintage Dip't more than Classic Dip't as it reminded me of those flat caramel candies sold in Myeongdong and other shopping districts. 

It has that addictive deep roasted caramel flavor which goes so well with the slight tanginess of strawberries. 

Note that these candied strawberries' coasting melts, so eat it right away or put it in the fridge or freezer. According to Dip't MNL, it is best to enjoy these treats within two to three hours. I only had two after a quick shoot and finished the rest after six hours or so. 

Putting it in the freezer ensures that the candy coating won't melt. But it leaves the strawberries to be frozen. It was still good, and it even went back to its right texture after 15 minutes. 

Order yours today! Have it as a delectable dessert at home or gift it to your loved ones. It is one well-packaged product made to impress.

To order, visit Dip't MNL's Instagram page and send an order form via direct message. Orders will come from Cubao, Quezon City. 

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