Tuesday, September 5, 2017

When in Korea: Raccoon Café Kkukkune

I've been to various kinds of cafés. There are the common ones like dog and cat cafés and more interesting ones like owl café. But on my trip to Seoul, Korea, I chanced upon another quirky cafe. A raccoon café! 

Hello, Raccoon Café Kkukkune!
Apparently, raccoon cafés are now the craze in Korea and we were lucky to experience this one of a kind trend during our stay in Seoul. 
R and I have been very spontaneous in all of our trips abroad and our trip in Seoul is probably one of the most spontaneous. We discovered this cafe about 5 hours before our flight back to Manila. But since it seemed like a unique experience, we went straight to Hyehwa and looked for the CGV building as guide and headed towards the one with Etude House on the ground floor. 
We took the elevator to get on the fifth floor and the yellow signage of Kkukkune was the first thing you'll see there. 
Just like other pet or animal cafés, we had to remove our shoes and wear the provided slippers inside. 
Upon entering the café, we had to pay an entrance fee of 6,000 KRW and order a drink that ranges between 1,500 to 3,000 KRW. 
It was warm inside the café so I opted for a cold strawberry drink while R went for a tea based one. 
I'm not so sure with the body clock of raccoons but most were sleeping when we visited around 2 p.m.. I guess it's nap time for them as raccoons tend to be more active at night. 
One of the rules of Kkukkune is to not touch any of the sleeping raccoons. And since most were sleeping, we ended up just staring at them. A friend of mine was able to enjoy her visit though as all the raccoons were active and quite mischievous (in a good and endearing way).  
Before heading out, I broke the rule by feeling the think fur of one of the half asleep raccoons. And... IT WAS SO FLUFFY!!! 
I'm definitely going back and make sure I drop by around night time. 
Raccoon Café Kkukkune is located at the Hyehwa Station (Line 4) Exit 4. Walk towards CGV and look for the building with Etude House on the ground floor. Head up to the 5th floor via elevator. Learn more about it at Trazy, an awesome site for those traveling in Asia.

P.S. Sorry for the poor images. I just used a old phone camera during my visit.  

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