Thursday, February 20, 2020

Geonbae Offers Unlimited Korean and Japanese Favorites

The charm of unlimited meat is undeniably strong. It's so attractive that numerous Korean BBQ chains opened these past years. There are those priced unbelievably affordable while others market its brands as premium. The newer K-BBQ stores made things more interesting by offering the best of Korean and Japanese cuisines. And I heard that one of the best places to get your Seoul and Tokyo favorites is Geonbae.

Hello, Geonbae.
Geonbae is a modern Korean BBQ restaurant that features an extensive menu of beef, pork, and chicken. The overwhelming selection of barbecue meats is paired with an equally long list of side dishes featuring the likes of japchae, mandu, tteokbokki, ramyeon, rolls and steamed egg aside from the usual kimchi and pickled radish. 
But what sets Geonbae different from most Korean BBQ joints is that it offers Japanese favorites too like tempura, sashimi, and takoyaki.
While classic meats such as fresh and marinated beef and pork belly (samgyeop and samgyeopsal) are available, there are also other not so common cuts to choose from. Anyone up for some jowl, beef brisket, hanger steak, and bulgogi?
There are different kinds of bibimbap to pair your meats with. But these would take a lot of tummy space. Best to stick with lettuce so that you get to try a lot of meats.
I particularly liked the cheese dip which was smooth and creamy. It went well with the bulgogi I had and it balanced the smokey taste of the meat.
I wasn't expecting much from sashimi as I often find the unlimited variant underwhelming. But the ones from Geonbae were decent. 
I couldn't say that the meats were amazing as most were just like the ones you'd get from other Korean BBQ joints. 
What I liked most was the tender hanger steak (no photo as it was served last and it was grilled right away). It was beautifully marinated and was close to being described as "melts in your mouth".
Geonbae also offers hotpot but it doesn't seem to be popular among the diners. But it's nice that we have that option too.

I'd give plus points for Geonbae's automatic ordering system. 
To order, simply connect to the restaurant's wifi, scan the QR code and it'll lead you to Geonbae's menu where you can select your meats and side dishes. You can even request a change of grill or water with the app. This addresses the customers' frustration in getting the servers' attention.
Overall, Geonbae is a great option for diners who want to try various kinds of meats and side dishes. I wouldn't mind going back here if I'm in the area for more of its hanger steak.
Geonbae's unlimited fare varies from PHP499 to PHP649 depending if you're dining during lunch, dinner or weekends.

Geonbae is located at 115 Scout Delgado Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City.

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