Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Amici Opens in BGC

It is so tempting to just stay in on rainy weekends and turn one's self into a human buritto. But an invite to lunch which involves pizza and pasta is too hard to decline. And it gets even more difficult when truffle is part of the spread. 

Hello, Amici
From a humble canteen selling Italian coffee and gelato at Don Bosco Makati, Amici has grown into a strong brand known for wood-fire oven baked pizzas and scrumptious homemade pasta dishes. And this 2019, it found a home at the heart of Bonifacio Global City.
And there's no better way to celebrate a new store opening than with Chef Paolo Moran's newest creations. 
We started our hearty lunch with plates (yes, plural as it was so good) of Truffle Mushroom Dip (PHP385). This god-sent dip is just too wonderful. 
The harmonious blend of truffle, shiitake, button and porcini with cream and caramelized onions kept making me grin from ear to ear. We even asked Philip Moran, owner of Amici, to have this available for retail. (I do hope that they would so that I could hoard and put it in all possible dishes!) Pro tip: It's great with pizza too!
If you're watching your figure for that last minute beach trip, Chef's Chicken Caesar Salad (PHP295, regular | PHP560, grande) is an excellent option for a light meal. This bowl of greens mixed with chicken bits and crunchy Parmesan cheese crisps drizzled with house Caesar dressing has that delightful medley of textures and flavors that would whet your appetite. It could be filling too if you opt to finish a bowl on your own.
But the carbs lover in me prefer Shrimp Pesto and Pomodoro (PHP365, regular | PHP700, grande). I might be a bit biased though as I love pesto
The slight nutty flavor of it never fails to delight me. The creamy tomato sauce added a bit of tangy flavor in the dish and the small shrimp bits gave it a slight snappy texture.
Meat lovers would enjoy Strip loin Steak Salpicao (PHP625) served with rice pilaf. Tender strip loin cooked with garlic, mushrooms and Amici's salpicao steak, each bite was oozing with bold flavors. It may be a bit expensive but it can be good for two if you're not super hungry.

Salmon and Zucchini (PHP525) is Chef Paolo's newest pizza flavors. By using Alfredo sauce as base, it put the smoked salmon flakes' flavor into the spotlight. The thin slices of zucchini gave each slice a tad of bitterness but balanced by the bacon bits and mozzarella. I smothered my slice with truffle mushroom dip and it was super yummy! Do try this too and let me know what you think. 
To cap our meal, we had a slice of Mango Magnifico (PHP120/slice) from Cara Mia, a sister company by Amici. 
I was so excited as it looked just like the Mango Cake I love from another bakeshop. But it was not the same as this one has caramelized walnut stuffed in the middle. It was good though as it gave the delicate chiffon cake a bit more character. 
Overall, it was a lovely meal. I'm so glad that Amici and Cara Mia are finally just a few blocks away!

Amici and Cara Mia are located at 3rd Floor, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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