Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Burpday Celebration at Buffalo Wild Wings

It was my sister’s birthday last weekend and we originally planned to visit Annam to celebrate. But due to conflict in schedule with last minute events, I had to ask my mom and sister if we could move it to Buffalo Wild Wings so that I could also use my gift certificates for it. Thankfully, they agreed and were supportive of my food blogging activities. And so, we were set.

Hello, Buffalo Wild Wings
It was my first time to dine in this branch despite it being one of the first restaurants to open in Uptown Mall. I guess it was because I already visited its Estancia branch twice and because I’m not really a fan of wings. I’d usually order burger or flat bread here. 

I was an hour late for lunch because the event I attended ended late. To my surprise, my mom and sister were not upset at all. I guess I have to thank the Mozzarella Sticks (PHP325) and Chicken Caesar Salad (PHP465) for it. 
I managed to have a bite of the mozzarella sticks and chicken caesar salad; and both were good but not good enough for its price. The mozzarella was not as gooey and the marinara sauce was not as tangy. The breading though had that nice crunch that creates a lovely contrast against the soft mozzarella
The salad was your usual caesar salad with grilled chicken drizzled with parmesan garlic sauce and caesar dressing. The greens were crisp and the grilled chicken added flavor to the dish. Though the serving size seems generous, the price seemed to be still steep for salad

We also ordered Naked Chicken Tenders (PHP295, 4 pcs | PHP395, 6 pcs), Spinach Artichoke Chicken Flat Bread (PHP445) and Cheeseburger Slammer(PHP295, under Kids’ Meals). 
The chicken tenders served seemed to be fatter than the ones we got from Buffalo Wild Wings’ Estancia branch. Just when I was about to be delighted by the bigger serving size, one bite changed it. It was so tough, dry and on the bland side. I remember that the one served at Estancia was flavorful, succulent and didn’t need any dip for extra taste. I was disappointed with this one. At least the fries were crisp (though a bit too salty). 
The Cheeseburger Slammer was also on the expensive size. For PHP295, you get a small burger (well, we do know that a slammer is the cute version of a burger) where the sides seemed bigger. My sister has this habit of inspecting her burger before devouring it and she noticed that there was barely any cheese. She even had to ask me if the small specks of yellow orange sauce on the bun were cheese. I just said yes but I wasn’t sure myself. 

The patty was rather dry too and affected the whole dish. I’d rate it 3 out of 5, at best. 
At least the Spinach Artichoke Flatbread did not disappoint. It had a nice strong taste of spinach artichoke dip and the mozzarella-provolone cheese blend created a lovely slightly tangy blanket. The chicken bits though were a bit dry but more flavorful than the naked tenders. 
While finishing our meal, the head wait staff approached R and asked him if he would be interested to join the Xbox Challenge with a free meal and drink as top prize. Since we had nothing better to do, he took the challenge and was soon playing against an Xbox gamer. 

After half an hour of finding the best game, they battled and the gamer won. But it was not a total defeat as R got a bottle of beer as consolation prize. 

And before we ended our meal, my sister got free ice cream from Buffalo Wild Wings and was served with a mighty birthday cheer. 
The best part of this meal was that  we only had to pay a bit less than PHP250 because I had PHP1,500 gift certificates from looloo and R has a Bistro card and PHP300 discount voucher. 

Overall, service was superb and being able to play the Xbox for hours is a treat for the kids and kids at heart. The dishes though were overpriced and did not deliver in terms of quality. I guess if I were to come back, I’ll order dishes for sharing and hang out here with friends. If we are out of topics to talk about, we’ll just play with the Xbox provided for customers. 

Buffalo Wild Wings is located at 4th Floor, Uptown Mall, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

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