Thursday, April 4, 2019

First Sip: Xing Fu Tang

I spotted a board up of a new milk tea place while taking a stroll around Podium with friends a few months back. I took a mental note to try it when it opens and I finally did last week after dinner at my favorite xiao long bao place. 

Hello, Xing Fu Tang
I've read a handful of lukewarm reviews about this new Taiwanese drink brand but it didn't stop me from dropping by and actually queuing for about 20 minutes. 
I kept myself entertained by watching the staff cook tapioca with brown sugar as I wait in line. And it was actually a nice distraction for I barely felt the wait.
Since it was my first time at Xing Fu Tang, I went with its bestseller, Brown Sugar Milk Boba (PHP120, cold | PHP130, hot). The staff suggested that I go with cold as this drink tastes better that way. And of course I went with their recommendation. 
There were several cups lined up with boba and brown sugar so service was quite fast. In fact, I got my order in less than 3 minutes! I didn't even get to check my fortune anymore. It was that fast!
The staff was incredibly accommodating too that despite the line, they helped me get these shots in this feature. They even had my drink torched in front of me and added a few more brown sugar when I missed some shots. 
Before heading out, I was told to stir my drink 18 times before taking a sip. I asked why 18 but the staff didn't know the reason behind this number too. 
And... my first sip was quite sweet with slight crisp from the caramelized sugar. It was actually sweeter than expected as almost all the reviews I've read kept pointing out how bland this drink tastes. Then again, the added brown sugar must have made my drink sweeter than others. 
The tapioca, though fragrant from the line, was not as special as I thought. There was a subtle smokey and deeper flavor but it would have been better if the tapioca were chewier. 
I also think I failed to stir my drink properly as it was almost all milk and no brown sugar halfway through my drink giving me the impression that it's too creamy for my liking. 

I think I'll also stick with milk tea. I don't think my taste buds are meant for brown sugar milk boba.

Xing Fu Tang is located at 5th Floor, Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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