Thursday, April 25, 2019

First Sip: Chachago

I’m so hooked with milk tea these past few months. I always grab one or two whenever I see a boba shop (with manageable line). And two weeks ago, I was hoping to swing by Macao Imperial to finally try Masarap Ba’s recommended drink. But R changed his mind about having his haircut at Capitol Commons and opted to go somewhere in Kapitolyo instead. And it must be my lucky day as the barber shop we went to is right beside another milk tea joint, Chachago. 

Hello, Chachago.
I’ve seen several posts of Chachago’s milk tea when it opened its first branch in Quezon City. As much as I would love to swing by and check it out, it was way too out of the way for me to just grab a drink. But milk tea gods were good to me as the barber shop R chose is right beside Chachago's newest branch. Needless to say, I was right in front of Chachago as soon as R parked his car. 
Chachago's Kapitolyo opened a few months ago and it was rather busy when I dropped by on a Saturday. There was a Grab Food guy in front arguing that the prices in the app and store do not match forcing him to pay a few more bucks for his client's drink. I guess this is something that has to be checked fast by both Chachago and Grab Food. 
Since it was my first time here, I went with Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (PHP130). I know that its brown sugar milk drink is more popular but after a few misses with boba milk, I went with the combination I prefer. 
Service was pretty fast and I got my drink in about 5 minutes. It was hard to hold onto my drink though as it was hot! The pearls were freshly made and it was too hot to hold which made me worried with it being in a plastic container. I was not warned too unless the servers have numb hands. 
After a few snaps here and there, I took a sip and it was mediocre. It didn't live up to the praises I read online. The milk tea had faint taste of tea and the pearls were a bit too soft. Sweetness level was perfect though. 

At PHP130, I felt that I didn't get my money's worth. Thank goodness I didn't wait for half an hour for this!

But I'll still give this place another try and grab one of its fruit tea drinks instead. 

Chachago is located at 24 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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