Tuesday, July 26, 2016

First Bite: The Dessert Kitchen

It is undeniable that The Dessert Kitchen has really photogenic desserts. I have been eying to visit this Hong Kong dessert shop for the longest time but I never manage to do so because 1) I don’t have any other business in Rockwell and 2) Manila traffic is crazy. But I managed to pay this place a visit on Father’s Day weekend and it sure was packed!
Hello, The Dessert Kitchen!
The small and quaint dessert place was very busy on a Saturday afternoon. There were only four bar stools and a table vacant when we arrived. Luckily, the table that was vacated could accommodate four. 

It took us a while to order as the menu was quite extensive. Shaved ice, pudding, soft serve ice cream, eggette… name it, The Dessert Kitchen would most likely have it.
We went with the award winning and bestseller Purple in Love (PHP258), Tofu with Hokkaido Red Beans (PHP168), Matcha Red Bean Eggette with Strawberry Ice Cream(PHP288) and Sakura Warabi (PHP168). 

Service was quite fast considering that the place was busy. Purple in Love was served in less than 10 minutes. 
It looked pretty good and the serving size seemed generous as it was overflowing. Then again, it might be because the bowl used wasn’t that big. 
My sister took a bite and said that it tasted like those popping candy with foot shaped lollipop. I took a spoonful and it did taste similar. It had a sweet grape candy flavor. In fact, it was a bit too sweet. I had to make sure that each spoonful had a mini rice ball or two to somehow offset the sweetness of the syrup. The taro mochi ice cream tasted like ube ice cream wrapped in thin mochi and I was not impressed by it. I liked the small Kyoho Grape Seaweed Balls though.  
Tofu with Hokkaido Red Beans was served next and I loved this one. I liked the contrast of the smooth texture of the tofu, chewiness of the mochi and the roughness of the red beans. The best part is that it wasn’t very sweet. 
This dish is perfect for dear grandmas and grandpas who have to watch their sugar intake.
I have been dreaming of trying the raindrop cake for the longest time. I bugged R numerous times to bring me to Malingap but we always end up elsewhere. (I’m not complaining though as he brings me to better places.) But finally, I can finally judge if it does taste like jello as what Masarap Ba? claims it to be.
After a spoonful, I could say that… it did taste like jello. I’m not sure if my tastebuds are simply unrefined but I didn't get a taste of the sakura (cherry blossom). But munching it with the chewy sakura rice balls (which my sister hated since she said it tasted like perfume), brown sugar paste and red beans made it worth its price. The different textures and flavors made it more interesting. I wouldn’t buy one giant plain jello for PHP168. (Note: The Dessert Kitchen ran out of soy bean powder and offered to add brown sugar paste as replacement but I requested to add sakura rice balls instead and they obliged.)
The Matcha Red Bean Eggette was served last and it was also good. 
I loved that it had red bean stuffed inside each bubble adding flavor to the bubble waffle. But I wished it was crispier so that it had more texture and bite to it. Some parts were a bit too soggy because it took us a while to remove the strawberry ice cream scoop. (I blame myself for this one as it took me a bit to finish taking shots of this dish.) The ice cream was lovely as it was a bit tangy creating contrast of flavor with the matcha and red bean. Then again, I wouldn’t pay PHP288 for this. I would be more than happy with Happy Lemon’s version at less than half the price. 
Overall, The Dessert Kitchen offers a wide array of desserts and most are pretty good. Sadly though, it wasn’t good enough for me to brave the traffic just for it. I wouldn’t mind visiting it again though if I’m around the area. I’d definitely order Tofu with Hokkaido Red Beans again and perhaps one of the noodle desserts. 

The Dessert Kitchen is located at 4th Floor, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City. They will open another branch in S Maison, Conrad Manila soon. 

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