Tuesday, October 3, 2017

When in Bohol: Alona Beach

One of the things I love about Visayas is that it is filled with so many beautiful islands and beaches. And Panglao's Alona Beach does not disappoint with its white sand and clear water. 

Hello, Alona Beach
Alona Beach is one of the busiest areas in Panglao. The long strip is filled with resorts, restaurants and tourist, predominantly Koreans and Chinese. On our last day in Bohol, we decided to spend the morning in Alona Beach since we spent the first two days touring the city and the island hopping. 

The middle part of Alona Beach seems to be the docking area of boats so we moved close to Hennan Resort where there were only a few swimming around. 
Unlike other beaches with white fine sand, Alona's shore has several small rocks, pebbles and corals which could hurt you especially if you have sensitive feet. I decided to wear my swimming boots to protect my soles as I wasn't sure if there will be a lot more of those rocks when I hit the water. (And there were still some rocks under water.)

As we swam closer to the buoy, we caught sight of some small and medium-sized fishes. And we decided to feed them with stale plain nacho chips. The small fishes were too scared to come close but the medium-sized ones ate it in a flash. I guess that's why they're bigger. (Sorry, no photos of the fish. I forgot to bring my GoPro.)
Before heading back to our lodge, we explored the natural border between Hennan and the boutique hotel on the other side. The rocks are pretty sharp so it is best to wear footwear in this area. 
We saw some small fish, crabs and a lot of hermit crabs in this area. It'll be fun to bring kids here to explore. But make sure that you guide them where to step as the place could be slippery and there might be a sea urchin hiding under one of the rocks.
I loved that there were no algae when we visited. The water was clean and free of any litter making our swim very enjoyable. 

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