Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Southern Chronicles: B Hotel Alabang's Prime Cafe Launches New Dishes

A menu reveal never fails to excite me. Aside from being one of the first to sample new dishes, I get to spend time with my favorite foodies. This time, it was the launch of B Hotel Alabang's new dishes. 

Hello, B Hotel Alabang.

Fondly called B Culinary Soiree, it was indeed a meet up of several food enthusiasts and media. 

While we chit chat and wait for the awaited reveal, we indulged in some cold cuts and sweets to fill our anticipating tummies. 

It was a rather short and straightforward event as they revealed the dishes one by one after the quick welcome remarks.

First served was Chicken Inasal, a well-marinated chicken thigh fillet, famous in Bacolod. Sadly, I was not able to try this one as they didn't seem to have enough to go around for everyone. 

Next was Pork Sisig, another local favorite. I loved that each bite was packed with crunchy texture and the tidbits of pork was beautifully seasoned with calamansi and chili pepper. 
I have low tolerance for spicy food but I kept eating this one. It sure made me crave for rice.

The Sizzling Crispy Belly was like your typical bagnet but saucier with a lovely sweet and spicy sauce. If you are limiting yourself with sinful food intake, I'd recommend the Pork Sisig over this one as it has more flavor.

If you're tired of Beef Salpicao, you might want to try Chicken Salpicao. Just like the traditional salpicao, this poultry version is sauteed in olive oil and garlic. An a la carte order of this includes garlic rice on the side.

And if you like things tangy, you have to get the Pork Sinuglaw. This local ceviche dish has fish and grilled pork (sinugba) swimming in spiced vinegar. It's a great option for appetizer too!

Another dish I wasn't able to try was the Adobo Flakes Pizza which somehow reminded me of Bread Talk's famous floss bread.

I also missed to try the Seafood Gambero Tagliatelle which was on the buffet table. I totally missed it in favor for the cold cuts.
We also got to try B Hotel's Katsudon and Gyudon rice toppings which were both good.

Overall, it was an event celebrating local flavors. The Pork Sisig is something I'd go back for when I'm around the area. But I don't think anything stood out that would make me go back from where I'm staying. For food, I still favor its Quezon City branch. 

B Hotel Alabang is located at 2107 Prime St., Madrigal Business Park Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa. For reservations, contact them at +632 828 8181.

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