Monday, February 29, 2016

First Bite: Fat Daddy's Smokehouse

Receiving a text message from P always mean good (and yummy) news and her message last Monday was no exception. It was a looloo invite to try Fat Daddy's Smokehouse. At first, I got it confused with the burger joint that has that three letter word that love to settle on unwanted areas. Thanks to P's email. I got the idea that it... could be even better! 
Hello, Fat Daddy's Smokehouse.
I WAS LATE. I underestimated the distance between my place and Burgos Circle. I even got lost due to my lack of night vision. So much for being an early bird.
The group was already enjoying the big tray of Jera’s Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos (PHP550) when I arrived. Even though it was already “touched”, I was still overwhelmed by the huge serving size. This one is definitely good for sharing! I think even 10 foodies cannot finish this dish (assuming there are other dishes).
Taste-wise, it was packed with flavor. I enjoyed the harmony of textures and flavors among the crisp seasoned and slightly salty tortilla chips, sweet and tender pulled pork, delectable bacon strips (which was stripped off its salty flavor because of the Alabama barbecue sauce) and of course, cheese! This dish was far from being short of toppings or sauce!
I tried Chef Pat’s Ultimate Cheese Dip (PHP450) next and it was indeed very cheesy! I loved that it was oh so thick (thanks to the layers of mozzarella and cheddar cheese). Getting a spoonful was a challenge though as there were huge onion rings stuffed inside too! But it did not hinder me from smothering my fried tortilla chips with the scrumptious dip! (There were no toasted baguettes left when I got to try the dish.)

One of my favorites is the Crispy Fried Pickles (PHP120). I was quite surprised to say this as I am not a fan of pickles. But I had no idea that I would enjoy it a lot when deep fried covered with panko and corn crust and dipped in a delightful white sauce which reminded me of ranch. It was a lovely appetizer and made me salivate for more.
Next served was the Crisp Fish Tacos (PHP320) and it was one of my favorites that night. The beer battered Alaskan Pollock had a nice light taste which was a great break from the dishes with very heavy flavors. 
I loved the crisp of the batter and the taste of the garlic sauce. I skipped putting barbeque sauce on my portion as I really wanted to have a break from the sweet barbecue sauce.
Smoked Beef Brisket (PHP550) and North Carolina Pulled Pork (PHP220) were served right after and this marked the end of my break from barbeque sauce.

The 250 gram smoked beef brisket, which was smoked for 16 hours was divine! It was so tender! Though it was one of the dishes with relatively small serving size (because of its thin cut), I’d highly recommend this. It was packed with flavors without it being overpowering. Oh, and this is senior friendly. It was effortless to chew this dish!

The North Carolina Pulled Pork was similar with the ones on the nachos. I guess if you order the nachos, you may opt not to get this anymore.
BLAT, or Bacon, Lettuce, Apple and Tomatoes sandwich (PHP275) was a crowd favorite. Though just like most of the other dishes, this one also have the yummy homemade bacon. But for some reason, this sandwich is a notch higher in the taste department with its refreshing baked spiced apples. It went really well with bacon, veggies and remoulade sauce (a type of aioli) adding nice cinnamon spice that I simply love.
The burgers were also fantastic and value for money given the huge serving sizes!
The Triple Death Burger (PHP500), packed with 2 quarter pound US beef patty, two cheese, barbecue pulled pork and bacon, will make you stuffed for several hours if not the whole day! Though I was already a bit tired of eating pulled pork and bacon (I can’t believe I said that!), I still gave this a try and I had no regrets! 
Adding that succulent beef patty in the dish made a whole new flavor in my mouth! Yum!
I didn’t try Daddy’s burger (PHP275) anymore as it was just the simpler version of the Triple Death burger as it has no barbecue pulled pork.  I’d go for this one if I’m not that hungry.
But I had to try the Fat Breakfast Burger (PHP350) because it had a sunnyside up egg on it. The patty had the same taste profile as the Triple Death but what made this dish different, aside from the egg, was the oh so yummy crispy onion rings. It added texture to the burger and made me eat more than I should.
I also liked the Southern Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken (PHP420). It was crispy and the buttermilk marinade made this dish rich in flavor. I loved it with maple syrup.
The Griddle Cakes (PHP85) or simply pancakes also topped my list. Packed with cornmeal and corn kernels, it made this dish soooo good! I enjoyed it with some maple syrup. But if you’re on a diet and trying to avoid sweets, the pancake is flavorful enough to be enjoyed alone.

Just when I thought dinner was about to end, the Smoked Pork Ribs (PHP550, half | PHP950, whole) was served next. And of course, I could not resist to try it.
The slow cooked smoked pork spare ribs rack was really dark and almost black. But the friendly and jolly owner, J, told us that it does not necessarily mean that the dish is burnt. It is a natural reaction of meat to the whole smoking process. Hmm… okay! Now gimme the ribs!

Though slightly dry, it was still pretty good as the meat was tender and flavorful. But again, taste profile is similar to the other dishes we tried.
I also had a small bite of the Smoked Hot Links (PHP250) which I was warned to be spicy. It was indeed a bit spicy but definitely tolerable. Not sure if it was because I was already stuffed or if it was because of the itsy bitsy portion I got, but this dish did not leave much of an impression to me.

For desserts, we were able to try Bacon and S’mores dip (PHP300) and Strawberry Shortcake (PHP280).
I absolutely loved both! The strawberry shortcake which comes with warm buttermilk biscuit (which reminded me of tasty uraro), warm strawberry compote and sweetened whipped cream was a winner! I loved the play of textures and the fact that the whole dish was not super sweet. It was an awesome dessert to cap a meal.
The bacon and s’mores dip though was a tough competitor of the strawberry shortcake. It was also good. Though way sweeter than the former because of the chocolate ganache, what I loved about this dish is the gooeyness of the roasted marshmallow. It was like camping indoors. Glamping! Woohoo!
And just when I was about to get ready to unbutton my pants, two mouthwatering milkshakes were served. We got Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake and Caramel Popcorn Milkshake (both PHP195).

Both were good and were true to their names. The Smokey Maple Bacon had a slight bacon taste while Caramel Popcorn had a tinge of caramel and butterflavor
What made these so sinful yet oh so good though is its vanilla ice cream base. Sweet heaven! <3
Note: Some of the dishes in this review are exclusive for this branch. So visit now!

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse is located at Burgos Circle, Forbestown Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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