Monday, April 6, 2015

First Bite: Basil

Food trips are the best. It’s the sole reason why I eat less on weekdays—to have more space for weekend feasts. When J mentioned that he’ll be visiting again, the first thing that came to my mind (or tummy) was that I have to plan a food trip. And J wanted that. So one Saturday, we explored White Plains.

Hello, Basil!
Our first stop was Basil, the first restaurant you’ll see once you turn to White Plains.
The place was quite dark and had a spa ambiance to it.
After a bit of thinking, we decided to go with the following dishes: Thai Money Bags (PHP325), Thai Sizzling Sisig (PHP350) and Thai Style Fried Noodles (PHP360). I also got a glass of Thai Milk Tea (which I forgot to take note of the price).
First served was my Thai Milk Tea and it was pretty good. It was more like a Thai Milk Tea Shake. It was not too sweet and it was a great way to battle the crazy summer heat. 

Next served was the Thai Money Bag.
Serving size was pretty small for the price hence deflating the customers’ money bags. But the dish was pretty good. The crispy deep fried minced prawn and pork wrapped in thin spring roll pastry was a great way to start the meal. Though it was a bit hard to eat it given that you’ll be tempted to eat it sushi or sashimi style… in one go.
I was a bit iffy with the sizzling sisig because I have low tolerance for spicy food. But the sisig wasn’t spicy at all. It was good. Creamy with a bit of crunch, it was one addicting dish! After a spoonful, I craved for rice. But I resisted since we wanted to have at least three stops that day. Not really sure what “Thai spices” they used but it worked!
The pad thai was served last and it was your usual pad thai. After mixing everything together, the peanuts seem to have vanished. It would have been great if there were more peanuts for added texture.

Overall though, lunch was great! Service was a tad slow but since the place exudes a calming ambiance, we didn’t mind.

Basil is located at White Plains corner Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City. Contact them at 911 41 58 or +639 16 240 31 95 for inquiries or reservation.

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