Wednesday, February 10, 2016

First Bite: Camping Date

It is always fun to go to Baguio. I love the cold and fresh wind, peaceful ambiance and the fact that I could disconnect from everything (due to the poor satellite signal). And since R and I were getting a bit too stressed with Manila, we decided to head to the land of ube jam and strawberries for a short getaway. Though we buy supplies to keep us from starving, we still try to visit at least one restaurant in the city and this time, we visited... Camping Date.

Hello, Camping Date!
We had a hard time finding this Korean place! We followed the location pin on several food apps and it led us to different places. But since our option #2 is a bit far from Legarda, we decided to spend a bit more time to look for this place. After two failed location pins, we finally made it to the right place—Lighthouse—which is right across Prince Hotel.
The place was packed when we arrived and all tents were occupied. We ended up with the uncomfortable camping chairs with tables which makes it your usual dining experience with back ache. R was giggling to see me so disappointed and pout like I’m about to kiss the ground.
Determined to have the Camping Date experience, I was like a hawk eying its prey when checking which tent will be done soon. When I spotted the middle tent’s “occupants” finishing up, I immediately asked the friendly server to move us and she obliged.


I was super excited to be inside the tent for 5 minutes before the not so pleasant smell hit me. The drawback of dining inside the tent is that the smell of the different dishes remains. Also, since it’s harder to clean the floor of the tent, the servers do not get to thoroughly clean it before the next diners sit down. Oh well...

We got to order Garlic Chicken (PHP350), Combination Pizza (PHP250, small; PHP450, medium; PHP680, large; P950, family size), and a mug of Milk Tea (PHP60).  

Food was served after 15 minutes or so and first served was Garlic Chicken.
The nicely glazed chicken was served with tongs for us to use and I find it more environment friendly than handing us with plastic gloves. 
I loved every bite of the garlic chicken. It was well cooked and generously seasoned and glazed. It was flavorful without it being too overpowering or overwhelming. I also loved that each bite guarantees delightful crunch. The chicken parts were just a bit too small but it was okay and definitely delivered when it said it was good for two. 
It took a bit before the Combination Pizza was served but we didn't mind as we were too preoccupied eating chicken
The pizza was small but pleasant to the eyes with its vibrant colors. I liked how the sweet potato was placed on the pizza to make it stand out. (It's the yellow circle in the middle.) 

This dish is perfect for those who could not decide which pizza to try as it allows you to have a taste of every topping available at Camping Date. And all toppings, including bulgogi and sweet potato, actually go well together. I really enjoyed this small bit of dough and would love to order it again. 
I was surprised when my milk tea arrived. It was served in a mug. I figured it's to emphasize the "camping experience" and after one sip, I realized that it was actually warm. Warm milk tea? Though there really is such a thing as warm milk tea, I'm not used to it. But this milk tea was somehow true to its name. It was indeed milky with a faint hint of tea and high dose of sugar. 
It was definitely unique experience and I loved the two dishes we ordered. But trying it out once is enough and next time I crave for Camping Date's chicken and pizza, I'll just give them a call and have my orders delivered. 

Camping Date is located at 363 Legarda Road, Baguio City, Benguet. For deliveries, call them at +639 27 487 8282.

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