Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First Sip: Precynct

Checking Looloo or my Instagram feed never fails to make me drool. I always see new dishes, drinks or places I have yet to try or visit. And one of the drinks that made me drool (and stalk) was the Faux Cappuccino of Precynct, one of the new coffee shops at The Grove by Rockwell. I planned to pay Precynct a visit last December only to be greeted by a closed sign. Apparently, they made last minute announcements on their holiday shutdown. Boo! But my curiosity remains strong and I tried to stop by again last week and it was a successful visit!

Hello, Precynct!!!
We arrived around 3PM and we were famished given that we skipped breakfast AND lunch. I was starting to see flying crispy pata and fried chicken when we got to the small and quaint coffee shop.

The server gave us the menu and it was all drinks. Nothing else. I got confused why they didn't offer any savory dishes and it made me check their Instagram account again and confirmed that they do serve meals. However, I didn't know that it is only available during lunch and dinner time. >.<
Anyway, we opted to have lunch elsewhere (*ahem* Backyard) and come back here for an after meal drink

When we got back, I finally ordered Faux Cappuccino (PHP160). YAY!
The server told me that it is best enjoyed by sipping from the cup. I read it somewhere too  so I gave it a try. It was a messy, not exactly cute, sip.

I was pleasantly surprised that the drink was sweet. In fact, it was like drinking a chocolate drink. I made R sip and he liked it too. 
But as soon as I got to the more liquid part of the drink, I got to taste the bitterness of caffeine. It made me realize why some of the diners stirred their drinks. It was a lovely dance of sweetness and bitterness though. But R, who is not a fan of coffee, didn't like it and asked for sugar to mix with the drink.  
It was still great though I miss the sharp contrast of the sweet chocolatey top and bitter caffeine.   

I will definitely be back for the savory dishes.

Note: If you do opt to drink it the way I did, have tissue within reach. Every sip guarantees a mustache. 

Precynct is located at Ground Floor, The Grove by Rockwell, 117 E Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, C-5, Pasig City. For inquiries, contact them at +639 17 779 7978.


  1. Seems there is something wrong with the pics :( I can't see them :(

    1. Oh no! Really? I just checked and it loaded. 😕

    2. Now, I was able to see the pics :)


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