Monday, February 15, 2016

Love at First Bite: Diner on 16th

Our impromptu Kapitolyo food trip stop #2 is just a few steps away from Taco Vengo! and it was just perfect as it was drizzling that night. This stop captured my interest after seeing a few photos of its mouthwatering milkshakes and diner inspired interiors online. Yes, I’m talking about Diner on 16th.
Hello, Diner on 16th.
The place reminds me of Grease or Hairspray as the interiors have an American diner feel.
Since my sister and I were not so hungry anymore, we opted to order two dishes and one milkshake to share. We got Waffle Florentine (PHP265), Chicken Buffalo Kabob (PHP197) and S’mores Milkshake (PHP134). 
We were informed that the dishes we ordered will take around 15 minutes and since we were still digesting the tacos, we said that we’re willing to wait. (Don’t you just love it when the server tells you how long you’ll wait to set your expectations?)
First served was our milkshake and oohlala… it was overflowing!
Each sip is packed with a lovely milky and chocolatey taste. It wasn’t too sweet or feel like we were having dessert with our meal. I also loved the s’mores on the brim. It was a chewy piece of sweet heaven. 
It’s just a bit messy to enjoy this one as the mason jar was covered with chocolate syrup. Not that I’m complaining.
Waffle Florentine was served next and yowza! For its price, it was bang for the buck! What was served before us was a plate good for sharing. 

One order comes with three pieces of buttermilk fried chicken, two stacks of waffles with poached eggs on top and bacon strips in between.
The chicken was wonderfully crunchy all throughout but it would have been more delectable if it was served with gravy. The chicken served was slightly salty and that's where the waffles and poached eggs enter the picture.

The waffles were not crunchy but it was fine as it went well with the crispy chicken. It was also on the bland side to offset the chicken's salty taste. I loved the poached egg on top and was just so perfect with the crisp bacon.
Last served was the chicken buffalo and I was pleasantly surprised with the serving size. It was enormous! Each skewer has 5 chicken balls and an order comes with two skewers. Imagine, 10 huge chicken balls for PHP197. Super great deal!
Taste-wise, it was pretty good too. The chicken alone tasted similar with the buttermilk fried chicken but the ranch dressing, celery and carrots added oomph to the dish. I loved adding celery to each bite hence I try to cut the celery bits to even smaller bits to distribute its lovely and refreshing taste. (And also to lessen the saltiness of the dish.)

Overall, it was a great (second) meal. I loved everything we ordered and I will definitely be back for more!

Diner on 16th is located at United Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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