Monday, February 8, 2016

First Bite: Jack's Joint

R told me that we were heading to Tomas Morato one Saturday night to visit his friend's new restaurant business called Jack's Joint. It is not exactly a new brand as this is the second branch of the well-loved kebab place in Tondo. 

Hello, Jack's Joint

The place looks deceiving from the front as it would seem like a very small place but it actually has a deep space and could comfortably sit around 40 diners inside. 
Since we were not really hungry, R and I decided to share a Quarter Pounder with cheese (PHP85) and Special Kebab (PHP195). For drinks, we went with Mango Yogurt and Strawberry Shake (both are priced at PHP75 for small and PHP95 for large).
I was surprised with our large drinks as both glasses were filled to the brim! It was value for money in terms of quantity. As for quality... 
Well, of course, you wouldn't expect the strawberry shake to have real strawberries in it. But it was pretty good. I loved my mango yogurt more though because of the delightful tart of the yogurt. I can't stop sipping!
The special kebab was served next. Simply plated, it proved how this is a no-frills kind of place. It was very straightforward. 

An order of special kebab includes one chicken kebab and one beef kebab. But since the two looks very similar, best to ask the server to distinguish it for you, unless you're not particular and is okay to find out after taking a bite. 
The kebabs were slightly dry but drizzling (or drowning) it with the delectable white sauce will solve the problem. Sadly, I could hardly distinguish which one is which after the tsunami of sauce.

The quarter pounder soon followed and it was surprisingly big! I wasn't expecting much from a PHP85 burger but this one is bang for the buck!
The patty is a lot more succulent than the kebab. It is probably because of the burger sauce and cheese. I loved every bit of it. My only concern with this burger is that the bun's too soft and disintegrates when too soaked with the burger's oil, sauce and cheese. (Pro tip: Put white sauce for an extra oomph!)

Overall, it was a pretty good and affordable meal. I heard that Jack's Joint's pizzas are great too! I'll definitely be back to try it. 

Jack's Joint is located at 115 D Panay Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City.

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