Thursday, May 21, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Big Al's Cookie Jar

Big Al's has been one of the hottest brands in town when it comes to chocolate cake. I've been meaning to buy some but easily get discouraged whenever I find out that it's sold out. But I was determined to get some for Mother's Day this year and tried my best to get a slot for its May 9 pick up. And here's my Big Al's story. 

Hello, Big Al's.
Big Al's has been named as the number one chocolate cake brand in Manila by Being ranked as such would make anyone's expectation shoot up. And the fact that its 100 order slots get filled in less than 30 minutes is a strong proof that it's popular among foodies. 

To order, buyers can access the order link at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., each with 100 slots. The link would only go live at exactly 9 a.m. and p.m. and automatically goes dead when all slots were taken. Expect to have difficulty accessing the link within the first 5 minutes as everyone's eager to order and secure a slot. 
I was so worried when my order form froze after clicking submit. I was hoping that it went through and even messaged Big Al's if they got my order. I was so stressed when they said they didn't and suggested that I try to access the link again while there were still some slots left.
I quickly accomplished the order form again. And it was successfully sent the second time around! I got an email confirming my order after 15 minutes or so. 
I paid for my order (via GCash but they also accept bank transfer) and I got another message detailing how to pick up my order. They even suggested that it's better to book Lalamove as you can request for an insulation box. 
I took note of the tip but eventually gave up on Lalamove when I couldn't book one for... 4 hours! I successfully got a rider from Grab after 45 minutes but he didn't have any box to put my orders in. (I won't lie, I was worried as my cakes were picked up when the sun was at its peak.)
My cakes came in good shape; though all three were extremely soft. Thankfully, the cookies were in perfect condition. 
The Decadent Chocolate Cake (PHP350, loaf | PHP630, junior | PHP1,100, birthday | PHP1,650, party) was the definition of rich and heavenly. It had that divine deep chocolate flavor without being too overpowering or cloying.
Same sentiments for its Chocolate Caramel Cake (PHP400, loaf | PHP730, junior | PHP1,300, birthday | PHP1,950, party) which was growing more popular with Big Al's regulars. I liked that slight salty taste of caramel which went beautifully well with the rich chocolate base. 

Best to pair these sweets with milk so have a glass or two ready. 
I wish I could say the same for its Triple Decker (PHP350, 16 pieces) but it just was not at par with its cakes. Don't get me wrong, the chocolate chip cookies (with some mixed with macadamia) were good too. But it had a few misses. 
First, the container was a terrible idea. It was hard to get the cookies out. And there wasn't paper in between each cookie which glued two or three cookies together. I wish it was fudgier on the inside and crisp on the outside. But it might just be me. So please do not hesitate to give these cookies a try.

To order, visit Big Al's on Facebook or Instagram

Disclosure: This blog post is not sponsored by Big Al's.

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