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When in Boracay: Coast Boracay

Boracay is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Philippines. Its long stretch of fine white sand, scrumptious finds, and a wide range of accommodations make this island a paradise for everyone. And for this year's visit, we decided to try TripAdvisor's number 1 resort on the island which is Coast Boracay.

Hello, Coast Boracay
Coast is one of the newer establishments in Boracay but it didn't take long for this modern resort to get the top spot in TripAdvisor with its topnotch service. I have to admit, I was so curious when I heard that it got the coveted spot for two years in a row. This resort must be doing something right for its guests to leave in high spirits! 

We decided to go for Coast instead of the more established Discovery Shores Boracay for our most recent trip with R's family and it started on a good note. 
Airport pick up went smoothly and we arrived at the resort in no time.
I loved how the staff members were so attentive to R's dad who needed assistance getting on and off the van. One of the staff even quickly thought of a way for R's dad to have an easier way to ride the van. (He carried a heavy road standee to serve as R's dad's stepping stool!)
The resort was at 50% occupancy when we arrived so three out of the four rooms we booked were already available when we checked in.
R's parents and one of his sisters got a One-bedroom Suite (PHP13,340) which is quite spacious and ample for a party of 4 adults. It comes with a king-size bed, two bathrooms with shower, and another room that can be used as another bedroom or entertainment area. [Rate for additional person is PHP2,500 per night, inclusive of breakfast.]
We originally booked a Deluxe Suite (PHP8,110). But we were lucky and got upgraded to Loft (PHP14,090) which is Coast's highest room category. And I got one sweet birthday surprise! Balloons and yummy treats!
The loft offers a spacious common area where you can entertain guests. The sofa too can be converted into a bed if more than two guests are staying here. 
I loved that the room's also equipped with a mini-fridge, microwave, and stove if you want to stay in. And with its free Netflix access, it sure was hard to head out and enjoy the beach!
My favorite part of the room though was the jar of Choc-Nut! And they refill this every day!
The bedroom's located on the second floor and we found the space a bit tight for our luggage. We also found it a bit odd that the closet and drawers were located on the lower floor and not near the bedroom or the bathroom with a shower. (Note: Unlike the one-bedroom suite which has two bathrooms with shower, loft only has one. There is a powder room though on the lower floor for guests.)
Though the loft looks fancier and bigger, a one-bedroom suite is a better option if you're with two or three companions. Everyone gets more privacy too.
Coast is about 15 minutes walk from the bustling D Mall and a short 5-minute ride to Station X. There are also a handful of restaurants nearby if you're lazy to explore further. 

It was sweltering to go around on foot at noon that we opted to stick with Coast's in-house restaurant, Cha Cha's Boracay.
I've been to Cha Cha's before and had one of its Poke Bowls and Fish and Chips. Both were good but nothing extraordinary. So when I read a lot of great reviews from friends who visited recently,  I was excited.

Since we were a big group of 13, we decided to order on our own. R and I went with Seafood Guava Sinigang (PHP650), Seafood Fritters (PHP1,100) while R's dad went with Whole Grain Salmon (PHP650). I also tried Cha Cha's Super Mango Shake (PHP295). 
I always look forward to Sinigang sa Bayabas' thick broth texture and its delectable sweet yet savory flavor. However, Cha Cha's take on this yummy dish was a bit different from what I was expecting. The soup was thinner and saltier than sweet. Though I liked that it had a generous serving of mussels, clams, and shrimp, it would have been nice if there was more than one bangus belly too. 
The seafood fritters were quite pricey so we were expecting a lot from it. But the batter was a bit too thick making the dish quite cloying. 

The colorful plate of assorted grains and salmon was the best one we've tried. I loved that each bite was packed with various textures. 
My mango shake was a bit of a letdown too. The mango flavor was not very pronounced as it was masked by milk. 
After lunch, R and I decided to lounge by one of the pools while enjoying Coast's unlimited popcorn and ice cream (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
We found the paper cups for the popcorn to be a bit too small so we had to keep going back for more. One of the staff seemed to have noticed our fondness for this healthy treat and gave us a big bowl of popcorn. Now that's what I call proactive! He even greeted me happy birthday. And I have no idea how he found out.
We enjoyed lazing by the pool so much that we didn't even bother to go to the beach that afternoon. 
We opted to have dinner at Cha Cha's as everyone was still tired from the flight. This time, R and I had its Cheese Pizza and Caesar Salad
The Caesar Salad was not like the ones you'd get from other restaurants. It had that strong anchovy flavor which is the authentic take on the dish. 
Cha Cha's Cheese Pizza was pretty good though the presence of bleu cheese made it a bit repulsive for some. 
We spent the whole night in our room and watched several Netflix documentaries. And enjoyed our turndown snacks!
The breakfast spread included in our room rate was ample. I liked that it was a mix of Asian and Western dishes. Though it would have been better if there were more Filipino favorites like tocino, tapa, and the like. It would have been awesome too if the dishes were a bit more varied every day.
Cha Cha's ube champorado was my favorite!
We decided to enjoy the beach after breakfast. We called one of the staff to set up beach mats and towels for us. And as added service, he also gave us iced water. 
The service here in Coast is top-notch! They were very responsive to our requests. There was one time when I had to call the front desk to complain about the next-door guest who decided to turn his room into a cinema with the television in full volume at 7 a.m. The noise stopped in less than 5 minutes!

We stayed here for four days and it was nothing short of blissful. The resort was modern, well-maintained, and very clean. 
I also loved that its gift shop is a hodgepodge of beautiful local finds. I couldn't resist it and ended up buying a dress there.
I'm just not sure if the place won't be as pleasant when the resort is in its full capacity given the not so sound-proof suites. But I'd consider staying here again when I visit Boracay.

I really couldn't think of anything for Coast to improve on aside from its spotty internet. But a quicker service from its in-house restaurant Cha Cha wouldn't hurt too. 
Eying Coast for your next Boracay trip but tight with your budget? Don't fret as Coast often offer amazing deals during travel expo (or when they feel like it). So make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. 
Coast is located at Station 2, Boracay. To reserve, contact them at or at 09178060652. For inquiries, you may also contact them via their social media channels.

*Disclosure: This review is not sponsored by Coast Boracay. Rates stated in the blog are based on the rates of Travel Expo 2019.

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