Thursday, July 25, 2019

First Bite: Megawatt

I can't help be skeptical whenever a place seems to be too trendy or different. I'd always imagine Instagram-worthy food and it pretty much ends there. As more and more restaurants focus on feeding our social media accounts, most fail to realize that it is more important to satisfy the taste buds than garner a lot of likes. After all, those unforgettable first bites are what will make people go back for more. And I was glad that Megawatt did just that.

Hello, Megawatt
Megawatt has this industrial chic vibe all over. It was first located by a car wash garage and eventually moved to Build Plus where it shares space with a hardware shop. It may seem odd but it also felt right. 
I wasn't able to check out the tablets attached to each table that looked like solar panels but I'm assuming that those have something to do with the menu or something. 
For starters, we had Bacon Bombs (PHP238). This is best enjoyed hot so that you get to enjoy the cheese oozing out of the crisp bacon wrap after one bite. I love how the saltiness of the bacon was muted by the cheese. It was flavorful yet light, apt as an appetizer. 
I also enjoyed the bowl of  Crab Tomalley Over Shirataki Noodles (PHP358) which had a snappy texture from the Japanese konjac yam noodles. It also balanced out the richness of the creamy crab fat sauce. 
Strong aroma filled the room when the plate of Megawatt House Fried Chicken (PHP245, 2 pieces with 1 side or add PHP89 for an additional side dish) was served. I was a bit worried with this one as it had that Mediterranean and Indian like smell which I'm not very fond of. But this one had zero taste of curry. It just confused my sense of smell as my taste buds were very happy with this flavorful dish. Crispy on the inside and very juicy on the inside. Some parts though tend to be overly battered. I do hope that they lessen the batter to put more spotlight on the beautiful white meat. 
Megawatt's Classic Big Angus Slider (PHP285 + PHP45 for sauce with choice of bleu cheese or chimichurri) also did not disappoint. Keto lovers would love that there's an upgrade option where you can have Keto fries made with mozzarella, ground almonds with cajun seasoning and lettuce wrap for just PHP49!

The thick patty was undeniably beefy and chunky. Though slicing through it made me think that it was slightly tough, it was rather tender once you pop a piece in your mouth. I highly recommend that you grab one of the two sauces as the patty tends to be on the dry side if eaten without sauce. Or you can always go with ketchup!
Megawatt is proud of its Croizza, a marriage between croissant and pizza. We got to try its Sunny Side Bacon on Crust (PHP273) and it was indeed pretty good. Do not let its flat look make you think that this is light on the tummy as it was very filling. We made it wait a tad too long though so we were not able to enjoy the lovely crunch of the layered flakes. Best share an order as the buttery taste of this dish could be overwhelming and cloying.
If you're visiting with a group in tow, grab one of its hand tossed pizzas! We tried Megawatt Smokehouse BBQ (PHP349) and I found it bang for the buck. The size of the pizza was bigger than the ones you'd get from more commercialized pizza chains and it had more toppings too! And if you like savory with a tinge of sweet notes, then this Smokehouse BBQ pizza is for you.
Its Tomahawk Pork Chop (PHP498 with one side) also tickled me pink with its clean flavors! I loved how the simple spices it cooked with put more emphasis on the fresh tomahawk. Expect the serving to be a bit small but good for sharing if you plan to order more dishes.
And if you're a fan of Lick Iced Tea, then you'll be happy here as Megawatt offers it and even the new Sakura variant! A bottle costs PHP138 which is slightly cheaper compared to other outlets. 
I came expecting nothing spectacular at Megawatt but left with a happy tummy. I'll be back to try the other dishes!

Megawatt is located at 686 Banawe Street, Banawe, Quezon City.

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