Monday, June 24, 2013

Restaurant Discovery: Lombardi's

There are times when I wake up and crave for something real bad. The thing is, I won’t stop thinking about it till I get to eat it. And last Saturday, I woke up with the thought of… Pizza. N though wasn’t in the mood for pizza that day. Luckily, N was running late and I thought to myself… pizza time! And just when I was about to have a solo date, I saw my mom and sister and M (my sister) was in the mood for pizza too. High pizza five! (Hmm… that sounds nerdy.)
I’ve been eying Lombardi’s ever since I saw it while eating at Corazon during Mother’s Day. I thought of checking the place out as soon as my tummy said “PIZZA”.
The menu wasn’t very extensive but it’s perfect for those who think so long before ordering.
Since it was past 1 p.m. that time, I decided to do the ordering as my mom and sister take longer when we try out a new restaurant. 
I planned on ordering the Parmigiana Di Melanzane (roasted eggplant with stewed tomato and mozzarella) but it was not available. The server suggested another bestseller, Mozzarella in Carrozza with Arrabbiata Sauce (PHP230) and as a sucker for anything recommended, I said, “We’ll have that!” We also ordered chef’s recommended Ravioli Di Carne (PHP480) and Pizza Gambaretti (PHP480). For desserts, we ordered Tiramisu (PHP210) and Pannacotta Del Piemonte (PHP160).
We were given complimentary snacks to calm our angry tummies. We finished it in less than 3 minutes.
A pitcher of brewed iced tea is PHP150. Ask for more ice as it tends to have a very strong flavor.
The dishes were served fast though. First, the appetizer.
It was like munching on a grilled cheese sandwich that we could top with tomato sauce. I just love getting all the garlic. Good for the heart, bad for a date. The salad on the side was pretty good too. The vegetables used were fresh and the rather salty dressing boosted our appetite.
The Ravioli Di Carne was served piping hot! I had to blow off the steam so that I could get a clearer photo. As for the taste, you really have to stuff the meat dumpling with tomato sauce to ensure that every bite is savory. I first tried eating it as is but the meat inside was on the bland side. 
The Pizza Gambaretti on the other hand was served with oh-so-stretchy mozzarella! We tried taking a photo of it with the mozzarella stretched out but it turned out weird and disturbing. *fail*
The taste though was great. The flavors were all in harmony and there wasn’t a single overpowering one. The crust was thin and crisp. I bet kids would love this. :)
For the desserts, the tiramisu was pretty okay but wasn’t outstanding. I guess I was hoping it was a bit more chilled.
But the panna cotta… it was really good! It was creamy and just so heavenly. It made me wonder how it would taste with a berry sauce. It’ll add a bit of tanginess but I think it’ll bring me to dessert heaven.

I’ll definitely be back for more of the sweets! I have to try the gelato too!

Lombardi’s is located at 4th floor, Shangri-La East Wing, Mandaluyong City.

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