Friday, July 19, 2019

First Bite: Poke Shack

I have this insatiable appetite for salmon. My family and friends know this and it's a great way to know how I see you as I only share my plate of salmon sashimi with people dear to me. But one poke store made it easier for me to share as it offers generous serving of this delectable seafood in every order!

Hello, Poke Shack!
Poke Shack has been around for quite some time now. Located near Tiendesitas, it serves as a great dining option for people working within the area. It even offers free delivery for foodies at Tera Tower where Poke Shack is located.

I received an invite from Nikki, owner of Poke Shack, offering to deliver some of her poke bowls to my place. And since I could never resist salmon, I quickly said yes! 

I asked Nikki to pick my bowls for me and she chose The Shack Standard (PHP210 | PHP130 + PHP40 for salmon instead of tuna) and El Salmon Cuenco (PHP250 | PHP170). Both looked beautiful and made me fall in love at first sight. 
I first tried El Salmon Cuenco and loved every bite of it. Made with cilantro, salsa, cherry tomato, jalapeno, corn, black tobiko, cashew nuts, and chimichurri, it was a dynamic blend of Southern American flavors packed with various textures that would make you finish a bowl in no time. 
Zesty with a bit of spice, sweet yet refreshing. There's actually Tabasco too in this bowl but I think Nikki had it removed since I mentioned my low tolerance for spicy food.
The Shack Standard was also great. I loved how the sweet poke sauce complemented the fresh salmon chunks. The celery, onion and tempura crumbs (showa) also gave each mouthful that addictive crunch. As a purist when it comes to food, I actually prefer this one over El Salmon Cuenco as I get to appreciate salmon, which is the star of the bowl, even more. 

Poke Shack also offers other poke bowls but you can make your own too! Simply choose a base from rice, lettuce and noodles then pick your protein (chicken, salmon, tuna, beef), sauce and toppings. Price starts at PHP180.
You can also grab some small bites to complement your poke bowl. I have my eyes on the Fried California Rolls (PHP140) and Fried Santorini Rolls (PHP140). Poke Shack also offers desserts to end your meal on a good note. 
I have only tried two of its 15 poke bowls but I could tell that I'd be wanting more. I do hope that Poke Shack opens more branches or would be open to delivering to a wider range soon. 

Poke Shack is located at Ground Floor, Tera Tower, C5 corner Ortigas Avenue, Bridgetowne Business Center, Barangay Ugong, Quezon City.

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