Monday, October 12, 2020

Underrated Drinks: Dakasi's Creme Avocado

With baby Sam's arrival getting nearer and nearer, I find myself wanting to indulge in cold treats every single day. From ice cream to frozen cake, I just want to have them all before I start ge lai. And I'm so happy to be able to try Dakasi before I give birth. 

Hello, Dakasi.

Dakasi has been named as one of the underrated milk tea brands in Manila. As one of the minor players in the milk tea industry, it's easy to forget Dakasi when asked for the top of mind boba brands.

I passed by its Market Market branch a handful of times. But I never considered stopping by to try it out. Online reviews and social media posts claiming that Dakasi offers better drinks than my constants fail to convince me.

It wasn't until avocado became the new ube when I considered checking it out. It took me almost a year before I got to try its Creme Avocado (PHP180) as I was hardly in Manila since September. And then the lockdown happened, which made things hard to access even when you're in town.

I got to try Dakasi's popular drink last month. And true to the reviews I read, this one's legit avocado!

Dakasi uses fresh avocado compared to its competitors hence the more premium price tag. The classic combination of avocado and milk easily swooned my taste buds. I also loved that it wasn't overly sweet. The only downside of this beverage is that it's a bit too heavy as a drink. It could fill you up with just a few sips, especially if you have it with your meal. 

Its Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea (PHP120) was good too. It may not be the best one in town for me, but I enjoyed the boba. It had that perfect chewy texture that I love. 

I'm now curious about its matcha and fruit-based drinks. I'll try those next time. 

Dakasi has several branches in Metro Manila.

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