Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Pregnancy Journey: Covid-19 Walk-In vs. Drive-Thru Swab Test Experience at St. Luke's Medical Center QC

Anticipation. This is probably the best word to describe the stage R and I are in these past two weeks. From a false labor scare to scheduling my swab test (a new normal protocol) a tad too early, we've reached the part where we're itching to see our little one. But Sam doesn't seem to be ready yet that I had to redo my swab test as the first result's validity already expired. And to shake things up, I decided to try its walk-in swab test instead of taking drive-thru twice.

Hello again, Swab Test!

One of the perks of giving birth at St. Luke's Medical Center Quezon City is that your required swab test before delivery is complimentary. You can even choose drive-thru without any additional cost. However, those who hit over two weeks and haven't delivered yet have to take another swab test. And this time, you have to pay for it. 

Scheduling an appointment for my swab test this time around was not as convenient as the first one. I felt less prioritized as I had to do things on my own. But it was still pretty straightforward and quick as everything was done via St. Luke's ehub portal. 

Since I already have an ehub account, all I had to do was order a swab test. 

Pick the branch you want to visit and type of appointment, then accomplish the health declaration questionnaire.

One of the great things with booking online is that you can pay for your lab test online too. Make sure to print a copy of your official receipt (which will be sent via email) as that is required during your swab test appointment. 

The Walk-in Swab Test costs PHP4,300 while the Drive-Thru Swab Test at PHP6,500. I initially wanted to go with drive-thru as I had a pleasant experience last time. But I wondered if it was worth the PHP2,200 premium. And it wasn't. 

Sure, there were a handful of instances where I had to accomplish some forms where the information is already available in my ehub profile. I also had to wait for 5-10 minutes by the drive-thru waiting area where it felt like social distancing was loosely observed. 

But I liked that pregnant women have separate swab test area. We also go through the employee's entrance to minimize contact with other outpatients. 

The guard on duty was helpful too. He processed my papers himself to shield me from unnecessary exposure. 

I was done with my swab test in less than two minutes, and I was ready to head back home after 15-20 minutes!

Results were also out in less than 24 hours. I even got an SMS notifying me that the results were out. 

Note: Entrance for the walk-in swab test is the same as the drive-thru's for St. Luke's Medical Center Quezon City. 

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