Saturday, December 14, 2019

Closeup Shows How Love Rules

Love is said to be a universal language. You don't need words to express and simple acts of love are understood across the world. However, there are so many societal limitations to love. Many say that there are rules to be played for one to win, or at least be accepted. But should love have rules? Perhaps not.
Closeup has always used "unstoppable closeness" as one of its taglines. And it has redefined closeness with its Free to Love campaign. 
Philippines is considered as a conservative country. With the society shaped to thinking that there are certain norms to be observed for a relationship to be accepted proves this point. 
Some of us must have heard snide remarks on online dating, dating way older than you and having a family out of wedlock. It being unconventional made it unacceptable. But how wrong is it?
Closeup's Free to Love campaign aims to empower everyone that it's perfectly okay to be attracted to someone. It's fine to be in love.

There are no rules to love. Instead, Love Rules

Learn more about Closeup's campaign and wonderful stories here.

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