Tuesday, December 11, 2018

When in Iloilo: Tytche Grill & Seafood Restaurant

Tagging along R's local trips are tiring and fun at the same time. I get to see the Philippines in a different light, seeing places that are not exactly what you'd consider touristy. And at the same time, I get to experience the local life and savor the different cities' rich flavors. One of my favorite places for seafood is Iloilo and a top contender for the best seafood restaurant is Tytche Grill & Seafood Restaurant in Dumangas. 

Hello, Tytche Grill & Seafood Restaurant
This restaurant is a bit far from the city center and definitely a place I wouldn't consider going if I was traveling Iloilo on my own. Situated near the Iloilo port, it would be hard to visit this place without a car as there are not much public transportation that pass and stop by this area. 
Despite it being out of the way and quite a drive from the city, the place was packed with hungry diners. Our host, J was excited to share with us Tytche's great tasting crabs. Unfortunately, the best ones were out and we were left with alimasag. Since we have no clue on what we're missing, we were fine with what's left. 

Aside from alimasag with salted egg, baked scallops and oysters, we also had shrimps sauteed in butter and garlic as well as stuffed squid
I don't understand J's disappointment with us having alimasag as it was nothing short of stellar! It was filled with aligue (crab roe) to the brim! Flavorful as is with it swimming in salted egg sauce, I enjoyed it even more by dipping it in vinegar. 
I was surprised with how they served baked oysters. It was topped with powdered milk and butter garlic instead of cheese. It tasted good though as it gave the dish a slight sweet and milky flavor. The grainy texture of the powdered milk also made it more interesting. 
The baked scallops were pretty good too. Generously topped with butter and garlic, each bite was oozing with flavor. The crunch from the garlic bits complemented the fresh scallops covered in butter. 
The garlic butter shrimps were pretty good too though nothing special.
The stuffed squid was straightforward too. Fresh, snappy and delicious but forgettable.  

Our orders amounted to about PHP3,000, not bad considering that we had a fresh feast and left with us unbuttoning our pants.
Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. The place is just your simple A/C free restaurant along the road but clean and with no sight of flies. 

Pro tip: Best to call in advance to reserve your plate(s) of alimango. Contact them at +63 918 332 8727.

Tytche Grill & Seafood Restaurant is located at Coastal Road, Dumangas, Iloilo City.

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