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Filipino Classic: Lydia's Lechon

Lechon has always been one of the highlights of any festive celebration. We’ve seen it in big events such as fiestas, Christmas gatherings and well… Cebu. I must admit, I already had my fair share of crispy suckling pig but it’s just so hard to resist it when it’s right in front of you begging to be loved or indulged. Screw cholesterol! Let’s YOLO. Okay, using that term might have just revealed that I’m no longer young. Lame lines aside, The Foodie Station tickled my tastebuds once again by inviting me to its foodie eat up at one of Manila’s classics… Lydia’s Lechon. 

Hello, Lydia’s Lechon!
A well-known brand that has been around for over 51 years, Lydia’s Lechon continues to make gatherings, big or small, extra special with its famous roasted pig. But unknown to many, Lydia’s offer more than just lechon. In fact, it serves other dishes that you wouldn’t associate with lechon
Let’s start off with the dishes that are somewhat close to roasted pig first. 
Upon close look of the beautiful spread of Filipino favorites, we spotted Chicharon Bulaklak(PHP135) and your usual Chicharon (Plain - PHP65, with Laman - PHP135), both perfect to be matched with beer. The chicharon was crunchy and lightly salted, just like how I like it. 
Sadly, I was not able to try the chicharon bulaklak so I couldn’t comment on that. 
Pork Dinuguan (PHP195) had the delightful grainy sauce texture and it wasn’t bitter at all. It would have been more delightful though if it was a bit tangier. (Then again, that’s the sour monster in me talking.) 
Another dish on display which I was not able to try was Pork Barbecue (PHP75/stick). But this is a safe dish to order if you’re with picky eaters. 
Lydia’s Classic Beef Kare-Kare (PHP285) would delight purists as this dish remains true to how kare-kare should be, peanuty, thick and full of tripe. 
A trip to Lydia’s is not complete without ordering Lydia’s Special Lechon (PHP205, 1/4 kilo). I loved that the skin was crunchy and that they were very generous with the lechon sauce. The meat too was succulent and something elders would be able to munch on with ease. 
Chopsuey (PHP150) and Breaded Water Spinach are must-orders to make one feel a bit healthier if you opt to order the sinful yet oh-so-good lechon. 
These two vegetable dishes were pure joy to eat as the greens used were fresh. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see Seafood Paella (PHP220) and Crab Rellano (PHP235 / piece) on the table. I never thought that Lydia’s also serve something like these and at reasonable prices at that!
Though the seafood paella’s rice was a bit off, the generous serving of fresh seafoodcrab, mussels and shrimps— along with bell pepper slices, green peas, chorizo and a piece of lechon, made this dish bang for the buck! 
The stuffed crab was one of my favorites during the eat up and I wouldn’t mind ordering a few more in my next visit. As a person who loves crabs but lazy to remove the crab meat from the hard to crack shell, this dish seemed to be made for me! 
We capped our meal with Pandan Jelly (PHP75) which was pretty good too though I hope that they also have this available with ice cream on top. 

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. It was fun too to catch up with fellow foodies and to meet new ones. 
TIP: C5 traffic could be hellish sometimes so to avoid the pain of being stuck in traffic, you may order your favorite Lydia’s lechon dishes at the comfort of your home. Just call them at 939 1221 or at 851 2987 to 89. No landline? They got you covered! You may also order online at www.lydias-lechon.com. 

Lydia’s Lechon is located at Cathay Builders Building, C5 Corner Caparas Street, Ugong, Pasig City. 

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